If you are babywearing with a baby carrier or a baby sling, our manduca Accessories can be really useful. The following will provide a concise overview of the little helpers that can make babywearing even more comfortable or more beautiful. Additionally, two of the accessories (FumBees and ZipIn Ellipse) are available in limited designs (… and might make a nice present, by the way).

manduca accessories

Practical and beautiful: manduca FumBees, the strap protectors to chew on

Made of organic cotton, the practical manduca FumBee strap protectors are almost a must-have. They keep straps clean and dry, no matter if you want to protect the manduca shoulder straps or the straps of the car seat. Thanks to the FumBees, you don’t have to worry when your baby starts drooling, because you don’t have to wash the manduca baby carrier so often (less laundry, hurray!)

manduca FumBees are reversible, made of organic cotton and, thanks to hook-and-loop fastening, can be attached quickly and easily. Available in three basic colours grey, brown, and ecru. Additionally we regularly offer beautiful limited designs.

manduca FumBees strap protectors
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Ingenious form & function: ZipIn Ellipse with double rounding effect

Especially for really small babies we offer the ZipIn Ellipse, an elliptical fabric panel that can be zipped into the back extension of the manduca baby carrier.

    • •  Well-rounded #1: Thanks to the elliptical shape the outer edges of the back extension are shortened so that the complete back panel is no longer plane but shaped into a curve. This way, the ZipIn Ellipse adapts the shape of the manduca baby carrier to the natural curve of the small baby’s spine, even better than before.
  •   Well-rounded #2: The second benefit is the additional curving effect at the top rim: it is also pulled down and thus gets closer to the baby’s head. Like that, the baby’s head is enclosed and is supported even better.

Recommended for small babies up to approximately four months who still need a lot of support for their head, neck and back. Fits all manduca baby carriers. Available in black and in beautiful limited designs. Super chic :-)

manduca ZipIn Ellipse
Learn more about the ZipIn Ellipse on the manduca blog.

Carry your toddler with manduca and manduca ExTend

Toddler can’t walk for as long as adults. And when they get tired, they like to be carried. Did you know you can use the manduca baby carrier until nursery age? And did you know that you can extend the seat of the manduca to make it even more comfortable for bigger children?

With the help of manduca ExTend you can quickly and easily extend the manduca seat from originally 32 cm to up to 50 cm. This enables babies and children to be carried comfortably in your manduca baby carrier for even longer. Available in black. Fits all manduca baby carriers – cannot be used with the manduca Duo click & tie system.

manduca ExTend - for toddlers
Read on for more infos and details on our blog.

Your 3in1 bag for all occasions: manduca Pouch, the small but spacious miracle

The manduca has no bag or pocket, you think? You bet it has! ;-)

The manduca Pouch is not a firmly sewn pocket, but a flexible pouch that can be attached to the manduca baby carrier hip belt, plus it can be worn without a baby carrier, too: wear it over your shoulder or around your waist (also without a belt, as the manduca Pouch comes with a detachable nylon strap).

Your 3in1 pouch for all occasions: Fits all manduca baby carriers, but can also be worn individually from your belt or over your shoulder.

manduca Pouch - the 3in1 babywearing bag

Learn more on the manduca Pouch on our blog.

manduca Size-It -  Optimised for the littlest ones

The manduca Size-It is softly cushioned and quickly and easily reduces the seat of your manduca baby carrier to the perfect size. This way, you make sure that your baby is positioned in the recommended M-Position (spread-squat position).

This is how to use it: Put the Size-It around the seat of the manduca, take it through the diagonal elastic straps and close the buckle. With the help of the strap bands you can adjust it to fit the perfect size. As easy as 1-2-3. :-)

For babies up to the age of four months. Fits all manduca baby carriers – cannot be used with the manduca Duo click &tie system.

manduca Size-It for small babies

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More babywearing accessories for the cold season

And for babywearing in the winter season, there are the manduca by MaM babywearing covers and coats that keep you and your baby cozy & warm when it’s cold outside. Learn more about the new collection on the manduca blog.