Comfortable and popular: cotton. Everyone wears cotton garments: whether it’s jeans or a jersey – in organic quality or conventional cotton. It is a great and versatile material that we simply cannot do without. In recent years, organic cotton has started to play an increasingly important role – and not only for tree-huggers and “ecos”. More and more fashion labels have their own organic collections, and manufacturers of baby carriers are doing the same – in many cases, a special organic collection is offered.

At manduca, however, there is no extra organic collection – we just use certified organic cotton for all our manduca products. That sounds like a good thing. And it is! Organic cotton has many advantages – here is a list of the most important organic cotton benefits:

manduca Sling - made with skin-friendly organic cotton

Skin-friendly and natural: the cotton used for manduca Sling is certified organic.

We love organic cotton …

  • • … because organic cotton protects your health and the health of your baby. Organic Cotton is free of pesticides and thus reduces your child’s exposure to harmful substances on their skin. The skin is only in contact with skin-friendly organic cotton.

100 % organic cotton

    • • … because growing organic cotton is better for the environment: Organic fibers are grown without the use of toxic pesticides that damage soil and contaminate groundwater. And by abandoning pesticides, no energy is wasted in producing them (reducing the ecological footprint). Also, the cultivation of organic cotton is resource-friendly as less water is needed compared to conventional cotton. Plus, no genetically modified seeds are used.
  • • … because organic cotton protects the health of cotton farmers! In conventional agriculture, the cotton farmers are often directly exposed to pesticides and toxic substances because they do not wear protective clothing or the substances are not adequately labeled.

So, altogether three good reasons for choosing organic cotton. That is why the manduca cotton is always certified organic cotton – from baby carrier to strap protector. When it comes to organic cotton, we make no compromises. :-)

manduca baby carrier with organic cotton

Made with organic cotton: the manduca baby carrier