We start this New Year with a real novelty: the brand-new, fourth collection manduca PureCotton looks different but is identical in function and handling to the other manduca baby carriers. What makes the PureCotton stand out, is the fresh look with brilliant colours, the clear design and the pure organic cotton the new collection is made of.

manduca PureCotton

manduca PureCotton: RoyalBlue, CoffeeBrown, NightBlack

100 % organic – made in Europe

Across all collections, the manduca is a true “child of nature”, absolutely non-toxic, and has always been an ecological baby carrier: whether it is manduca standard, manduca BlackLine, or manduca LimitedEdition – the cotton used for manduca always comes from controlled organic cultivation. With our new PureCotton made of 100 % organic cotton, you get fresh colours made in Europe at the attractive price of 119 EUR. (Just like the BlackLine and all LimitedEdition designs, the PureCotton is produced in the Czech Republic).

manduca PureCotton: brilliant colours with a clear line

manduca PureCotton DarkGrey Apart from the material, what is so special about the new collection? On the one hand, there are the brilliant colours and the slightly modified hall-mark of the manduca baby carrier: the typical manduca bow has been reduced to a discreet, white line giving the baby carrier a purist look – perfectly accentuated by the bright, rich colours. On the fashion side, the new design scores twice: the PureCotton matches both sporty and elegant outfits in any colour shades. The first PureCotton designs NightBlack, CoffeeBrown, and RoyalBlue are already on their way to the shops. Soon, there will be three more colours: DarkGrey in February, and two more colours (DesertSand and ChiliRed) will follow in spring.

The PureCotton at a glance:

  • Material: 100 % cotton (certified organic)
  • Colours:
  • o    NightBlack
  • o    CoffeeBrown
  • o    RoyalBlue
  • o    DarkGrey  (February)
  • o    DesertSand (April)
  • o    ChiliRed (May)
  • • Made in the Czech Republic
  • • RRP: 119 EUR (incl. 19 % VAT)