When we started developing our own baby sling, we had three dearest wishes. „As ecologically as possible“, was a major concern for us. After all, our company is ecological through and through, and the cotton we use for our ecological manduca baby carrier is always organic. Our second wish, which we have fulfilled with manduca Sling, was “Organic cotton at standard price”. That means no extra costs for those who prefer organic cotton.

But our top goal was to produce a GOTS certified baby sling, because a GOTS certification is the highest accolade for an organic product. As you all know, we have made it! And we are really proud that our manduca Sling bears the GOTS seal. But what is GOTS and why were we so keen on this certification for our manduca Sling?

GOTS certified manduca Sling

manduca Sling is GOTS certified grade 1 “organic” – made of 100 % organic cotton

Ecological labels for textiles

Wherever you look – for almost all products various eco labels promise ecological and socially sustainable products. “Organic” has become more than a trend. But only when meeting strict criteria, these labels offer an added value for you. One of the most important labels – no, wait, the most important– is the GOTS label, because it involves strictest criteria. And this is exactly why we have taken every effort to get this label for our manduca Sling.


Who is behind GOTS? Who grants the label?

GOTS was initiated by the International Working Group on Organic Textile Standard (IWG) and has become the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres.

Behind this international working group IWG are organizations from England, USA, Japan, and the IVN from Germany (IVN – International Association Natural Textile Industry).

From fibre to sale – thoroughly tested according to GOTS

For the certification, independent testing institutions do not only test the raw material, but the complete production chain (including packaging and transport) that has to meet certain environmental and toxicological criteria.

This also includes that only non-harmful dyes are being used and that all production sites meet social standards (according to the core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation ILO such as labour protection, minimum wages, prohibition of child labour). In short: a GOTS certified product is not only good for you because you get an ecological product, but also good for those who are working in the production.

Let’s go the whole hog: we are GOTS certified

With manduca Sling, we didn’t want to do things by halves. That’s why we didn’t stop at the certification of manduca Sling, but moved on to have our company GOTS certified. For GOTS certified manufacturers, there are specific rules for the storage of GOTS certified products and also the transport has to be in accordance to GOTS and must be fully documented. It was worth the effort, as by now the complete production chain of our baby sling is GOTS certified and we may spread this good news of the GOTS certified manduca Sling to the world.

Once GOTS – always GOTS?

To ensure that a GOTS certified product is truly ecological, the product is controlled by independent and officially recognized testing institutes. Manufacturers are inspected on an annual inspection cycle. With regards to manduca Sling, this is the IMO Institute for Marketecology in Switzerland. And the production site, too, is obliged to renew its GOTS certification annually.

GOTS certification at a glance:

  • • GOTS is a quality seal for natural, organic fibres
  • • strong criteria have to be met for fibre production and the complete production chain
  • • regular inspections by independent institutes ensure organic quality
  • • the GOTS certification of manduca Sling includes: the sling itself, the production site, and the manufacturer Wickelkinder GmbH