manduca_accessoires signet_72dpiThere are a whole bunch of accessories for the manduca baby carrier that you should definitely get to know! Some of them can really make your everyday life easier – or just more colourful. Today’s blogpost will provide you with a brief overview of the manduca accessories, and more. Because manduca is not the only place that provides accessories. Some things you can even make yourself, with a little skill and creativity. :-)

Practical for dribbly babies: manduca FumBee

No matter whether they are teething or not – some babies dribble and drool for months. And they love to chew on anything they can get their mouths on. When it comes to the manduca, this is no problem because the baby carrier is non-toxic and dyed exclusively with natural dyes. But the shoulder straps get really wet – soaked with drool or even milk. As the manduca is fully machine washable, you can easily wash it – but you might not want to do that every day. Here, FumBee strap protectors are a great help because thanks to the hook-and-loop fastener, they are quick and easy to put on, and they can be washed and dried in next to no time. And FumBees are not only meant for the manduca – they can be fitted to other straps such as car seat straps too.

manduca FumBee StarRose

manduca FumBee – also available in the designs of the LimitedEdition

For toddlers’ teething time, FumBees are the top tip! They are available in ecru, grey, and brown, and also in a series of limited design editions. In addition to FumBees, you might want to use a dribble bib for your baby (so that baby’s shirt is not soaking). If you have the time and the inclination, you may even want to make a bib yourself – how about this one? made by me and shared with you.

Small, but clever: manduca Pouch with shoulder strap

manduca PouchI particularly like the manduca Pouch because I am not into purses. Too often, there is just too much stuff to put in your pant pockets (and mobile phones are getting bigger and bigger, too!). The manduca Pouch is small yet spacious, unobtrusive yet versatile. The interesting thing about the Pouch is that you can wear it in many different ways – with or without baby carrier: as a shoulder bag, around your waist – and thanks to the clever fastener, even directly on the hip belt of your manduca. The bag is made of hemp and organic cotton, and is also machine washable.

You don’t need a ZipIn, you just want one!

I am sure you know the feeling – always having to wear the same thing is boring. Life is much more colourful when you can have things you don’t really need! This is the case with the manduca ZipIns: the fabric panels have no particular function but they are a design feature for your manduca. Simply zip them into the manduca back extension for a different look to your manduca. Useless, but stylish! There are ZipIns made of colourful zippers and ZipIns made of cotton – in the LimitedEdition designs. ZipIn your Style!

manduca ZipIn Zipper blue

manduca ZipIn Zipper blue: zipped into the manduca’s back extension

And the newborns? Is there something for the little ones?

manduca ZipIn Ellipse + Size-ItWith your manduca, the infant seat for newborns and small babies is already integrated – allowing you to carry your baby in your manduca from birth. But parents have different preferences and everyday is a different day – this is why we offer manduca newborn accessories, an alternative or an addition for the babywearing of small babies. First, there is the manduca Size-It – a softly padded, flexible textile belt that adjusts the seat of the manduca to fit to your baby’s size – in combination with or without the integrated infant seat.

Another newborn accessory for carrying small babies is the ZipIn Ellipse. Just like the other ZipIns, it is zipped into the manduca back extension, but not for decorative purposes. The functional ZipIn Ellipse adapts the shape of the manduca to the natural curve of the small baby’s spine. Depending on the size of the baby and on your preferences, you could combine it with the Size-It and the integrated infant seat too. To cut a long story short: manduca newborn accessories offer just more ways to carry small babies.

Color up your baby’s legs: BabyLegs legwarmers

Babylegs arm and leg warmers are my favorite accessories! Babylegs are must-haves and wants  They are not only eye-catching but also ultra practical:

  • • for toddlers and crawlers! (no more sore knees)
  • • for beach babies! (providing UPF 50+ protection)
  • • for diaper babies! (for faster diaper changes)
  • • for potty trainees! (tights are bothersome)
  • • for girls that like to wear dresses all year round! (warm legs even on really cold days)
  • • for those who always feel the cold! (an extra layer keeps you nice and warm)
  • • for teenagers! (older siblings love cuddly arm warmers)

BabyLegs Rainbow arm and legwarmers

Babywearing jackets and covers

There is the right manduca by MaM babywearing cover or jacket for all kinds of weather and for all tastes. As the manduca blog already provides plenty of information on these covers and jackets, here is just a brief overview:


manduca by MaM All-Weather Cover

Weatherproof: the manduca by MaM All-Weather Cover

Whether purchased or homemade – babywearing accessories always make a nice gift for that special someone. After all, it‘s nearly Easter! :-)