I probably have told you almost everything about the MaM Cold Weather Insert: It is warm. It is cosy. It can be worn separately or beneath a jacket. And you know already that this babywearing cover comes from Finland and is made with recycled material. But there is one thing I might not have pointed out enough: this cover is extremely practical, as it works with snap buttons. And snap buttons are – along with zippers – an ingenious invention!

manduca by MaM Cold Weather Insert

The fleece cover Cold Weather Insert keeps your neck warm and cosy.


All buttoned up: how to stay warm

Basically, the fleece cover Cold Weather Insert is a combination. A babywearing dickey and a cover are cleverly combined to a fleece cover offering warmth for both of you. The dickey protects the upper chest, back and neck extremely well, and closes that stupid gap between you and your child that is always giving you the chills. Thanks to the great snap buttons it is easy to put on and take off again. And you might wear it separately as well, just in case you feel cold when you are not carrying … :-)

Now, let’s see for which kind of weather the manduca by MaM Cold Weather Insert is suitable – here is a list of possible uses (most likely, incomplete):

  • extra thermal layer: wear it as warming fleece cover beneath an open jacket
  • combined with a rain shelter (MaM All-Weather Cover or All-Weather Jacket) it is also suitable for the winter season
  • light cover for year round use (keeps warm, but not too warm, and even holds off light drizzle)
Cold Weather Insert Drawing

This doesn’t look too cosy, but the drawing shows very clearly how the snap fasteners system works.

Easy as a snap

The interesting thing about the Cold Weather Insert is the fastening with the practical snap buttons which attaches the dickey to the cover. Snap buttons are an ingenious invention, but like so many terrific products it took quite a while before the idea was turned into a practical gadget.

Are you ready for a short digression into history? Back in 1885, the German Heribert Bauer had a flash of inspiration – and had his “Federknopf-Verschluss” patented – a snap fastener for men’s trousers. Unfortunately, this first fastener had its pitfalls: it rusted too quickly, it got stuck and the whole thing was just not reliable. Also, Bauer did nothing to promote his product, which is why his invention sunk into oblivion again.

Until that one day in July 1903, when the manufacturer Hans Prym from Germany discovered and started to technically improve Bauer’s invention, and turned it into a functioning product. The key to success was an elastic spring in the upper part of the fastener that holds the bottom part and can be easily released. Being a clever business man, Prym converted this tiny thing into a successful product. Until today, Prym manufactures press fasteners in all variations, and they are all based on this early press button from his grandfather.

Cosy and warm from top to bottom button

It is freezing cold outside and snowflakes are dancing in the wind. With weatherproof covers you don’t have to be a couch potato: with the right combination of rain protection and warm covers, your child is always wrapped up perfectly. We recommend using the MaM All-Weather Cover jointly with the Cold Weather Insert – then you are ready for all weather conditions.  All benefits at a glance:

All-Weather Cover:

  • • weatherproof
  • • breathable and waterproof membrane (up to 5000 mm of water)
  • • light-weight materials
  • • rain cover – and in combination with Cold Weather Insert also suitable for winter season

Cold Weather Insert:

  • • combination of integrated turtleneck dickey and cover
  • • dickey and cover can be used together or separately
  • • suitable for winter season in combination with All-Weather Cover or All-Weather Jacket
  • • really soft and cuddly thanks to the cosy fleece
  • • breathable material
Cold Weather Insert

Cosy and warm from top to (bottom) button