manduca for newbornsYou want to carry you newborn in the manduca baby carrier? No problem at all – because thanks to the integrated infant seat, small babies are well positioned in the manduca baby carrier. But there is more to come: Because we from manduca know that mums and dads have different preferences, we offer additional possibilities to carry your little one in the manduca – comfortably and ergonomically. Today we would like to introduce to you our latest product for babies up to approximately 4 months: the manduca ZipIn Ellipse can be used as an alternative or an addition to the integrated manduca infant seat or the manduca Size-It.

For the product name we have been inspired by the term “ellipse”. A perfect match, we thought, as an ellipse is really something ingenious: For example, the planetary motion around the sun is elliptical (Kepler’s laws). And in linguistics, elliptical constructions are a common stylistic device to improve the fluency of the spoken language: the omission of one or more words from a clause. And this is just what we did with the ZipIn Ellipse: we left out some material to make babywearing of small babies in the manduca even easier for you. But how does the ZipIn Ellipse work?

manduca for newborns: ZipIn Ellipse

It all depends on the form: adjust the shape of your manduca!

You know the manduca ZipIn as inserts made of fabric or multiple zippers that can be zipped in the manduca’s back panel - trendy design elements that “pimp up” your manduca. With ZipIns you can make your manduca look a lot different and more personal. The rectangular form of the ZipIn is that of the open back extension. The shape of the manduca is not altered at all.

Adjust the shape of your manduca

The Zipin Ellipse fits into manduca’s back extension and adapts the shape of the manduca to the natural curve of the small baby’s spine.

With the ZipIn Ellipse everything is different: by zipping in the elliptical fabric panel, the outer edges of the back extension are shortened so that the complete back panel is no longer plane but shaped into a curve. The advantage: this way, the ZipIn adapts the shape of the manduca to the natural curve of the small baby’s spine, even better than before. The second benefit is the additional curving effect: The top rim is also pulled down and thus gets closer to the baby’s head. Like that, the baby’s head is enclosed and is supported even better. For really small babies (up to approximately 4 months) who still need a lot of support for their head, neck and back, the ZipIn Ellipse is another way to carry them comfortably and ergonomically.

manduca ZipIn Ellipse

manduca ZipIn Ellipse – as easy as 1- 2- 3

The babywearing community was quickly convinced by our new accessory: The ZipIn Ellipse has been thoroughly and successfully tested and is now being recommended by our testing experts. In particular, because it is so easy to adjust the shape of your manduca!

For babies up to 4 months: all good things come in threes!
Infant seat, Size-It, ZipIn Ellipse

To carry your newborn, manduca now offers a whole range of possibilities and newborn accessories that you may combine as you like. The ZipIn Ellipse can be used in combination with the Size-It and/or the integrated infant seat. Just try for yourself which variant or which combination is the best for you and your little one. And above all, listen to yourself, to how you are feeling, and to your baby. After all, you both should enjoy babywearing.

Like all manduca products the ZipIn Ellipse is non-toxic and it is made of 100 % organic cotton. Available as of now.