Of every new manduca baby carrier, there are product images needed for our website and for catalogues. After all, everyone should know what the new design will look like! But not every manduca gets its own photo shoot with live models. The brand-new BlackLine LovinLilac, however, we wanted to put into the limelight again. That’s why we arranged a photo shoot with a photographer.

manduca BlackLine LovinLilac

Setting the scene for manduca BlackLine LovinLilac

Good preparation: the be-all and end-all

Preparation starts long before the actual day of the shoot: When are the first product samples available? Who is going to take the pictures and where? Where do we find a suitable model with baby? And, finally, we have to fix a date when everybody – including the make-up artist – is free. Also, I had to choose the models’ outfits and to determine the motifs (that is, the carrying positions and the necessary perspectives). And last but not least, in capital letters: everybody please stay healthy on that day. All set? Well, let’s go to the studio!

Behind the camera: Tina Laser

The photographer Tina Laseris well known beyond the Marburg region. Mums and dads who want to have their picture taken with their baby, find in her an experienced photographer (not only) for baby photography, an amazing talent for the right moment, and a sharp eye for details. We found: the magic of her pictures should also charm the LovinLilac images. Tina Laser’s studio is charming, too: the lovingly restored dance hall in a half-timbered house creates a very special atmosphere. Just perfect for LovinLilac!

photographer Tina Laser

Behind the camera: Tina Laser


In front of the camera: Katja and Lilith

Until now, the photo sessions were all done with professional models, who were casted by our agency and who all have the corresponding photo shoot routine. For our LovinLilac, we chose a different approach and looked for a model from the Marburg region. Finally, we picked Katja – a lucky find! And her little baby daughter Lilith was a real darling.

manduca BlackLine LovinLilac

Katja and Lilith – our models for LovinLilac


Make-up always takes longer than you think

No photo shoot without make-up! And a lot more than usual must be applied: Layer by layer the trained make-up artist brings colour to the face – only mum’s face, of course. Finally, the hair has to be done. Like this, a classic ponytail becomes a real hairstyle.

manduca BlackLine LovinLilac photo shoot

Swinging the brush for a perfect make-up


1000 and another picture: work can be fun, too!

At the end of the day, hundreds of pictures were taken. For me that meant to check the smallest details such as feet, head, arms, pacifier, buckles, strips – again and again. And Tina Laser tried many various perspectives and positions of the model.

Fortunately, Baby Lilith is an „old manduca hand“, and she was clearly happy all the time. She even felt asleep in between while everyone carried on working around her. Sometimes a little nap works wonders and helps to keep everyone in a good mood. Mum Katja relaxed with laughter. Well, having a good time is important – not only in the breaks. In a word: it was fun! After the shoot everyone was happy.

manduca BlackLine LovinLilac photo shooting

To make Lilith laugh in the right direction, I don’t mind “acting the fool”.


Spoilt for choice: which image is the best?

In the end we got many beautiful images – and we had a hard time making our mind up! But thanks to a criteria catalogue we made it and picked five motifs – presented on our website.
Our thanks go to Katja, Lilith and Tina Laser – our super team for a super baby carrier :-)