There has been a new addition to the manduca product family: a wonderful jersey sling is now part of the manduca world. With the new sling, we haven’t reinvented the wheel. But we approached things slightly differently, right from the start.

manduca Sling ocean - cuddly and soft

manduca Sling ocean – cuddly and soft

Post-Christmas news

The New Year ushered in a surprise for us at Wickelkinder: Our supplier of jersey slings discontinued supplies. Our spontaneous reaction was: “We will have our own one now”! And as we are passionate babywearing experts, we saw an excellent opportunity to develop a sling that we would be just as proud of as we are of our manduca carrier.

Babywearing is simply our thing – and with our first very own sling, the next chapters of the manduca story can unfold!

manduca Sling ecru

manduca Sling ecru – perfect for men, too

Task Force Sling: Good planning is half the battle sling

I can’t tell you about every single stage of our sling product development, just this much:
it was 100% teamwork and every colleague was involved and contributed to the development of a perfect sling. And as we have all put our hearts and souls into this development, even the smallest detail was hotly debated. As you have probably noticed already: we are rather proud that we realized the idea of our sling – in next to no time. And we are proud that it now has exactly the features we wanted it to have – manduca Sling …
• should be made of organic cotton, at no additional cost
• should be made of particularly high-quality fabricelastic but supportive at the same time – and it should also be particularly attractive,
• should be even better, lighter and above all
more ecological than all other slings

And manduca Sling should come with the most up-to-date instructions that are currently available.

manduca Sling chili

manduca Sling chili

Thank GOTS: manduca Sling is ecological

During the manduca Sling product development, there were always different options and solutions, but there was one thing that never changed: our own sling should be GOTS certified in all respects and we mean  the standard version of course, not just a “luxury version”.

With our manduca carrier we are already on the road to sustainability, and with manduca Sling we have continued this journey: The international GOTS label not only confirms that our sling has been manufacturedwith ecological materials but is also evidence that the production site, the production itself and indeed our entire company has been certified by an independent institution.

By the way, there are different types of GOTS labels: “grade 1”must contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibres and “grade 2”must contain a minimum of 70% certified organic fibres. manduca Sling has definitely got– the “grade 1” GOTS label. You can find out more about GOTS here: Global Organic Textile Standard

manduca Sling is GOTS certified: GOTS grade 1

manduca Sling is GOTS certified: GOTS grade 1

The new ease of carrying

Here are all the facts at a glance: manduca Sling is
• … GOTS certified and made of 100 % organic cotton
• … elastic and supportive: The high-quality fabric bi-elastic jersey is especially stable lengthways and particularly elastic crossways – without elastane
• .. probably one of the lightest elastic slings, with a weight of only 620 540 g – thus offering perfect comfort (not only in summer)
• … easy to tie – thanks to a contrasting seam (as recommended by babywearing schools).
• … perfect for carrying newborns and small babies (especially comfortable up to 9 kg)
• … one size:  approx. 5,10 m long and generously wide (60 cm) for headrest and a good M-Position
• particularly attractive: with a special mélange look in eight beautiful colours.
• particularly reasonably priced – with a RRP of EUR 59.90.

… and above all, it is really quick and easy to tie!

For the instructions, we have worked together with various babywearing schools and have developed two more instructions in addition to the classic pre-tied version: a slightly modified front cross carry with new tips and tricks, and a new tying method for hip carry (Let’s twist).

All wrapped up and ready: manduca Sling is already in stock :-)

The first shipment has already arrived and we are really happy to be able to hold our “stunning slings” in our hands. We have supplied shops and online shops as fast as possible so that you can soon have your own manduca Sling in your favourite colour!
Would you tell us what colour that is?

One of eight beautiful colours - manduca Sling lime

One of eight beautiful colours – manduca Sling lime