Hooray! The long-awaited new manduca LimitedEdition is here! Again, the waiting was really worth it, as our designer conjured up something really special here. Like with the last LimitedEdition, the design features a graphic pattern. But this time, there are no dazzling colours setting tone, but silver and slate score with distinguished elegance. Like shimmering gemstones, a continuous pattern strings together delicate rhomboids.

manduca LimitedEdition TrueDiamond

Delicate rhomboids on elegant grey: manduca LimitedEdition TrueDiamond

This jewel comes in twos: TrueDiamond and TrueEmerald

True enough: the new “True” jewels will make everyone happy who loves grey. But fans of grey are facing a hard choice: silver grey with elegant white? Or rather slate with an emerald green “finishing touch”? Let us show you both designs – and then, it is all up to you.

Two "true" jewels: manduca LimitedEdition TrueDiamond and TrueEmerald

Two “true” jewels: manduca LimitedEdition TrueDiamond and TrueEmerald

Who says grey isn’t a colour? LimitedEdition True shows an elegant sheen

The basic colour of TrueDiamond is a silver shining grey with a continuous pattern of white rhomboids. The combination of silver grey and delicate rhombic shapes looks bright and clear – just like a real diamond. The discreet and elegant TrueDiamond is neutral enough to match it with almost any colour – looking great worn with both casual and more elegant outfits (also with silver accessories). Last but not least: the TrueDiamond is a design that perfectly suits men, too.

manduca LimitedEdition True

manduca LimitedEdition True: Really something for men!

The TrueEmerald is a bit flashier making the emerald green rhomboids shine on the basic colour mid grey slate. TrueEmerald is just as elegant as the TrueDiamond but the pattern appears richer and more vivid: The TrueEmerald sets lush green highlights and will make a great appearance.

manduca LimitedEdition TrueEmerald

Makes a great entrance: manduca LimitedEdition TrueEmerald

Congenially combined – manduca accessories for the final touch

For all who cannot decide between Diamonds and Emeralds, we have something up our sleeve: The FumBee strap protectors and the ZipIns in the TrueDiamond and TrueEmerald design.

manduca LimitedEdition True FumBees und ZipIns

manduca LimitedEdition True FumBees und ZipIns

Too good to be true? Better be quick!

If you want to have a True, you shouldn’t wait too long, as both designs are available in limited numbers only – like all manduca LimitedEditions. The “True” facts at a glance:

  • •   two colour variants: LimitedEdition TrueDiamond and TrueEmerald
  • •   Limited! Only 3,000 items each.
  • •   100 % organic cotton, made in the Czech Republic
  • •   matching manduca accessories FumBees and ZipIns (also limited)
  • •   available as of now
manduca LimitedEdition TrueEmerald

manduca LimitedEdition TrueEmerald