Whether it concerns soccer or hotels, stars often indicate that something is especially good. As stars are always trendy, fashion labels often make use of star designs to create a special look – also on baby carriers. And we care for stars, too! If you have known us for some years, you might know that some time ago there has already been a manduca with a star (does anyone remember the name?). And now, in the “star time” 2014, the manduca LimitedEdition Star sparkles as a new star in the babywearing sky.

manduca LimitedEdition StarNight, StarSky and StarRose

manduca LimitedEdition StarNight, StarSky and StarRose

You love stars?
With the new manduca Star we bring them down from the heavens!

For our new design, we have reached again for stars and created the manduca LimitedEdition Star. And as we have a weakness for variety, this manduca comes in three heavenly colour variations: two light grey designs, StarRose and StarSky, with black and soft pink or light blue stars, and the black manduca StarNight, providing a rich contrast with white and light-grey stars on a black background.

Soft hues: manduca LimitedEdition StarRose

Soft hues: manduca LimitedEdition StarRose

Details make all the difference

Every manduca LimitedEdition has something really special – in the case of the manduca Star, there are many small details that account for the special star design.
All design features at a glance:

  • • three colour variants: from soft hues and fresh to glamorous: StarRose, StarSky and StarNight
  • • star design on headrest, bows, shoulder straps, hip belt, and in the open back extension
  • • star print on the interior of the back section gives a special touch to the manduca. Just like a trendy handbag, a reduced pattern on the exterior is combined with a full print inside – making the Star right up-to-date
star design  details

The details make all the difference: star pattern on bows, shoulder straps, hip belt, and headrest.

Of course, the manduca Star is made of 100 % organic cotton and produced in Czech Republic – like all manduca LimitedEditions. And there are stars in the sky for the accessories, too: FumBees and ZipIns are available in all three colour variants.

Heavenly highlight for your manduca

The manduca star is already available in your favourite shop. And just in case you have got a manduca already and you do not want or need a second one? Our tip: pimp up your manduca with a ZipIn Star! I am looking forward to your „stellar“ pictures!

manduca LimitedEdition Star