Celebrating Christmas in a growing family can be complicated, especially when it comes to planning as to when, how, and with whom you want to spend it. Now it is crucial to stay calm and focus on the essential things. Just make sure to avoid Christmas stress!

no christmas stress!

Good planning is all you need for Christmas! ©cherezoff – Fotolia.com

Before, everything was pretty easy: you grabbed your last minute presents for mom and dad, wrapped up some parcels, and off you went to your parents. Because, there was a shining Christmas tree waiting, and they had prepared a tasty meal – ready on the table, making your mouth water. Everything – candles, pine, and cinnamon – smelled just like Christmas should smell. Everyone was happy even if no one wanted to sing or play „Jingle Bells“.  After all, Christmas is the feast of love! And Christmas Eve or Christmas Day is the time reserved for our family.

Family, freshly formed

And suddenly, there was your first child and in no time at all you’ve got a family of your own. And as a family, you have all rights to celebrate your own Christmas, with your own tree and everything. The grandparents have to make do with the days after Christmas – to give them the opportunity to endow their grandchildren. Is everyone happy again? Or are your parents who should come on Boxing Day feel neglected, while granny No. 2 (scheduled for Christmas Day) would rather spend Christmas Eve with you? Who will win the race?

Family, widely spread

The whole thing is even more complicated when grandparents have separated and have started anew with new partners. Needless to say that these ex spouses would never, ever, share a table again! And as there are no official Christmas days left after the 26th, you have a tricky situation. What can you do?

And what about all the many patchwork families that have to meet the challenge to plan Christmas as if it is an international conference? You need a very good timing, if all children want to see their mothers, fathers and grannies. Here, even event managers are pushed to their limits!

And what about you: do you enjoy going on family tour or do you find it too hard an effort? Not looking forward to driving home for Christmas and spending hundreds of kilometers with baby or toddler on the motorway (where breaks are not really fun, particularly in the cold season). How do your little ones cope with all the hustle and bustle at Christmas time? Do you rather want to escape the Christmas hype? Are you looking to the New Year already?

Maybe you are one of the fortunate ones who have never heard of Christmas stress. Because you are doing just fine (at Christmas). For all the others, there is no general solution to this, but may be some things to bear in mind:

Stress-busting tips

  • •    Take care of yourself first – you can’t please everybody (I keep telling that myself again and again)
  • •    Spend Christmas, where it is the easiest for you and you enjoy it most. For some of you this is at home, for others a Christmas holiday is most relaxing. This doesn’t have to be far away though, sometimes a few kilometers will do (tested it myself and I really liked it)
  • •    If you plan to spend Christmas without the dear grandparents, tell them asap the dates you will be meeting them in the next year. After all, anticipation is half the fun.

Surely you have more tips for a happy Christmas – tell us what is working for you! No matter how and where you are going to spend it – hopefully without any Christmas stress. That’s what I wish all of you!