Cooking, baking, spreading a slice of bread? My everyday life with baby at home is a while ago now, but I can still easily remember my one-armedness in the first weeks and months. My daughter only had few wants – really just one thing: my full attention, and preferably on my arm. I’d never heard of Attachment Parenting, but I could feel that simply being near me did her good. So my left arm found its true calling – as a carrier. My right arm was left to get on with all the other things by itself.

No easy job: Preparing a sandwich

Spreading a slice of bread: no easy job with just one hand! Picture © tab62 –

Easy does it, with just one hand!

But when you only have one hand, even the smallest job can turn into a mega-problem. Spreading a slice of bread is no easy matter, and cutting a loaf is completely impossible. But so what? A crispbread with a slice of cheese on it is just as good. And why bother to peel an orange when an apple tastes good too…?
My list of everyday problem cases with only one free hand got longer and longer. But there were also things I could manage fine with one hand. Vacuum cleaning for example was a win-win situation for mother and baby: the place was clean and my daughter loved the combination of movement with the hum of the hoover. The main downside here was the awkward posture.

Free hands at last? No problem thanks to baby sling and baby carrier!

Today, young parents have a very simple answer to this problem – they simply use a baby carrier in the home and thus give themselves an invaluable aid. Sabrina for example, whose daughter Mila was 8 weeks old when she told us her experiences with her manduca:

Hands free with manduca

Hands free with manduca

“When my husband had to go back to work after a few weeks, I was a bit worried about how I would manage alone with the baby and the housework. Especially in the first few weeks with one’s first baby, one feels particularly uncertain and even the simplest things seem like a challenge. My daughter loves to be carried and doesn’t like it when I have to put her down. So that on some days even making breakfast became an unexpected hurdle.
To satisfy her need to be close to me, I sit her in the manduca. This frees up my hands so that I can do other things, and at the same time I also have fewer back pains. My manduca is simply a relief and a support for everyday baby handling.”

Many thanks, Sabrina, for your report and the picture. We are delighted that the manduca has been such a great help for you because we’ve always thought that the manduca can be super for use at home too! For the shooting we have therefore also chosen various motifs from everyday life in the home:

Everything within reach – thanks to manduca.

Everything within reach – thanks to manduca.


How do you do it at home? What are all the things you’ve tried out with the manduca in your own four walls? Please tell us your stories!