Who says babywearing is only for summer? Do you shut your manduca away as soon as the first autumn storms arrive? There is no need to do so! As often, it all depends on the right clothes. And it depends on how many layers of clothes you and your baby are wearing. Here are some tips for you, when the weather becomes colder and wetter now:

manduca by MaM All-Weather Babywearing Jacket

Come rain or shine: you are perfectly wrapped up with the manduca by MaM All-Weather Babywearing Jacket

    • Tip 1:
      Carry your baby below your coat (no matter if it is a normal coat or a babywearing jacket), because this way you benefit from your body heat. You may wrap big coats and babywearing jackets around you and your baby, so that both of you are wrapped up snugly.
    • Tip 2:
      Don’t dress your baby too warm if you are carrying her/him in a baby carrier such as the manduca. Why? First, the baby carrier itself is a layer of clothing and second, your body heat helps the baby to stay warm.
    • Tip 3:
      Make sure that your baby’s head and feet are always warm, because extremities cool down rapidly. So, don’t forget a warm cap and warm woolly socks or sheepskin shoes.
    • Tip 4:
      Please check the baby’s temperature. Just feel the back of the neck: if it is sweaty, it is already too warm for your baby.
    • Tip 5:
      In case you think about buying a babywearing jacket, a coat with a removable babywearing panel would be best. You can wear such a coat not only when carrying your baby, but also when you are beyond the babywearing stage.
manduca by MaM All-Weather Jacket

The All-Weather Jacket is suitable not only for manduca but for all popular types of wraps and carriers, both as front and back carry.

Windproof, weatherproof, and versatile: the All-Weather Babywearing Jacket

This autumn, we are introducing a new and particularly versatile babywearing jacket: the manduca by MaM All-Weather Babywearing Jacket not only has the important removable babywearing panel, but it also offers perfect rain protection for you and your child all year round!

The All-Weather Jacket at a glance:

  • • Weatherproof (waterproof membrane up to 5000 mm), windproof and breathable (Softshell)
  • • Practical: a southwester for your child, a big hood for you, and big flap pockets
  • • Removable babywearing panel: the jacket can be worn with and without baby
  • • Combinable: with an extra warm cover or with the manduca Cold Weather Insert.
manduca by MaM All-weather Babywearing Jacket

Keeping you and your baby dry: manduca by MaM All-Weather Babywearing Jacket

Well, … now, even in the cold and wet season, there are no excuses. Go out and get some fresh air! Especially if you spend a lot of time with your baby in heated rooms, you should make up for the dry and heated air. Outdoor activity is good for both of you!

And after all, there are many more ways to carry your baby in autumn and winter while keeping it warm and dry. There are more jackets and a lot of covers to discover …

Stay tuned