The time before Christmas is the perfect time to treat yourself with a little extra. And this is just what we have done: We have produced a very special doll that is not only cute but also comes with a mini-manduca. And when some days ago the first delivery from Spain arrived here in Marburg, the babywearing doll was given a name, too: manduca Lia.

manduca doll

manduca doll with mini-manduca and babydolls

A manduca doll? Why from Spain?

It has been a year now that we found a picture of a very special babywearing doll in the internet. We were impressed by the simply beauty of the doll, and the story behind the producer, FridasTierchen, made us curious. FridasTierchen is a project of Maria who, with a background in fine arts, has handcrafted special dolls and other toys ever since her daughter Frida was born. From the very beginning, her approach was to make the dolls as simple as possible in order to leave room for the childlike creativity and inspiration. We think she was really successful in doing so.

manduca doll Lia

Cute: the babydoll can be removed from the mini-manduca.

The smallest manduca in the world

We could not get the doll with the baby sling out of our heads. How would it look like with a real small manduca? We asked Maria if she would produce such a doll for us – and this is how the story of the manduca doll unfolded. When the first sample of the manduca doll arrived, we quickly agreed to order a limited quantity of this special design. And now they are here: Soft, cute, and handcrafted manduca dolls with clothes in red or turquoise and with a mini-manduca (of course made of organic cotton like almost everything at manduca). Every doll is unique and makes a wonderful Christmas present for all big and small manduca fans!

If you, too, have fallen in love with our manduca doll, you should ask your local dealer to order them for you. You just have to be quick, as there is only a limited number available. You have made up your mind already? Then we look forward to pictures of you and manduca Lia (beneath the Christmas tree, on your sofa, or wherever you want).

Description manduca Lia:

  • • Two colour variants turquoise and red
  • • With mini-manduca and baby doll (can be removed from baby carrier)
  • Material
  • outer material:
  • 100 % wool and cotton
  • mini-manduca: 100 % organic cotton
  • • Filling: 100 % polyester (from recycled plastic bottles)
  • • Size: 45 cm (mum) 12 cm (baby)
  • • Care instructions: hand wash, max. 30° C
  • • RRP 96.90 EUR (incl. 19% VAT)