Two new manduca blogs, one German, one English, are now online. Reason enough to celebrate, we think. And of course we’d like to share our joy with you, so we’ll be giving away three manduca baby carriers to the lucky winners.

A twin pack of manduca-blogs

The manduca blog is now run in two separate versions, one in German and one in English:

manduca your blog

manduca-blog.com (read more: „This is your new manduca blog“)


manduca dein Blog

manduca-blog.de (more info: „Dein neuer manduca blog!“)


More than just a simple giveaway: Rafflecopter!

Our new sweepstake is run on Rafflecopter – a special giveaway app that makes entering any contest much simpler. You have several ways of entering the contest and the app will also tell you how many of those you’ve already used. Simply choose those you think will be most fun.
Most importantly: You do not need a Facebook account to enter. Anyone can participate! For more info on what you’ll need to do, see below. We hope you’ll enjoy the new Rafflecopter giveaway.

Win 3 x 1 manduca

The prizes are 3 x 1 manduca baby carrier. We’ve picked three “blue” manduca models to match the signature colour of our new blog design:


Winners may choose freely from the following manduca designs:


Entering the giveaway is simple:

Below, you find the Rafflecopter giveaway-app. Whether you come from the German or the English blog does not matter – all tickets go into one big pot from which we’ll draw the winners.

This is how it works:

  • LOG IN: log in with Facebook or create an account with your e-mail address
  • ENTRIES: We give you several tasks, called “entries”. You do not have to perform each and every one, but the more you perform, the more “lottery tickets” you will get. In short: More tasks, higher chances of winning. So pick the tasks you’ve fulfilled and click, “I did this”.
  • ENTER TO WIN: This is the tab with the „entries“ – not a button. You don’t need to do anything after you’ve met the respective entry requirements and clicked „I did this“. You’re now in the game.
  • Terms and conditions: Our terms and conditions below the Rafflecopter contest-app apply. Residents of the USA cannot participate.
  • Winners: At the end of the contest, Rafflecopter will pick three random tickets from the lottery.
  • Find out more about how a Rafflecopter comp works in a clear and detailed description with graphics and pictures: „The Anatomy of a Rafflecopter Giveaway


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have fun and good luck! :)

Here you can find the Winners, too