Just recently, my boss and co-workers really caught me by surprise: They were waiting for me with a ginormous bouquet and a special certificate for my five years of employment with Wickelkinder. Oh, and let’s not forget the delicious buffet, either!

Wickelkinder anniversary

Managing director Petra Schachtner hands over the certificate


“The real secret of success is enthusiasm”

is what it says on the certificate, a quote from Walter Percy Chrysler.

I often feel passionate about my work. And frequently, this excitement is infectious, helping me and my colleagues to make a real difference.

But whence the passion?
For me, it comes from within. Because I love my work presents me with new challenges every day. Because my boss sees more in me than a simple nurse and university-dropout who didn’t finish her pharmaceutics degree, which, according to my credentials, is all I am. Because I contribute to the creation of a product that I believe in.

Wickelkinder anniversary

Happy Wickelkinder: jubilarian Elena with boss Petra


Without official qualifications or a degree, I was given the opportunity to do what I am good at, to do what I love. I excel mainly in communications and project management, but if need be, I’ll easily come to grips with database queries or software problems, too. But what is more, I get to combine work and family because I am not subject to rigid office hours or other arbitrary constraints, either. This allows me to work 35 hours plus per week in a responsible position while raising two small kids (they’re 5 and 8, now) – with no nanny or granny at hand! If my children are sick, I work from home.
I never have to reschedule one of their appointments or take a day off for that, either, since I can make up for lost time in the evening or on the weekend. What really matters is that the job gets done.

But I am most excited about: The product, which is at the centre of our business, served me and my children well – even before I became a “Wickelkind”. It makes me proud to put my energy into something which I support 100 %, into ensuring the manduca’s continued success.

Honestly? Right now, I’d like to thank my boss Petra for the undreamt-of possibilities, all my colleagues for sharing my passion, and say my thanks for all the teachable moments I’ve had and the skills I was allowed to pick up over the past five years.

I really do love being a Wickelkind!