A buckle got caught and crushed in the car door, a seam is coming apart or the zipper is permanently stuck? Aggravating, sure, but no reason to throw out your manduca just yet! Even in a high-quality product such as the manduca comfort carrier, single parts may break or stop functioning properly. No problem: as a manduca customer, you benefit from three years of warranty starting from the date of purchase.

3-year-warranty, wow! But surely you’d like to know:
– What is covered by manduca warranty?
– When and where will manduca offer a replacement?
– What is normal wear and tear?
These questions I’ll gladly answer:

manduca – for sure!

manduca is a high-quality product, which fulfils the latest standards in quality and safety. We guarantee that all safety-relevant parts of the manduca baby carrier will be working faultlessly, for we do not take this lightly! And neither should you. If within three years of purchasing your manduca any of the safety-relevant parts (buckles and seams) shows signs of defect, our warranty applies – no exceptions!
Parts that are not relevant to the safety of the manduca, such as zippers and snap fasteners, are also covered by our warranty.

manduca navy with YKK zipper

manduca navy with trusted brand-name YKK zipper


It happens very rarely, but should you discover a fault in your manduca, please contact our customer service immediately (contact details below). Depending on the defect, we will replace single parts, send you spare parts free of charge or offer you a whole new manduca. To verify your claim to warranty, you will need a copy or a digital scan of your manduca retailer’s receipt.

Full warranty on these parts:

  • Buckles
  • Zippers
  • Snap fasteners
  • Seams
  • Hook-and-loop fasteners
  • Elastic Bands

No warranty for normal wear and tear of fabric

“Normal” or “regular” wear and tear is not covered by our warranty. The outer shell and inner lining of the manduca baby carrier are made from natural fibres such as organically grown cotton and hemp. Just as with your favourite pair of jeans, the manduca’s colours may fade over a period of time or through repeated washing. This slow bleaching of colour is not a defect and thus not covered by our warranty. Neither do we cover normal abrasions or thinning of the fabric resulting from repeated, long-time use.
However, we welcome you to contact us about any unusual (i.e. immediate or extreme) changes in colour or fabric. Our friendly service staff will be happy to help find a suitable solution tailored to your situation.

No warranty in case of misuse

We believe this disclaimer of liability is rather self-evident, but for legal reasons, it is still necessary:
If there is clear evidence that our product has been misused or not used solely toward its original purpose, we reserve the right not to replace single parts or the carrier as a whole. Manipulations such as dyeing, chemically bleaching, or altering parts and/or functions of the carrier immediately void any claim to warranty. In this case, our service staff may decide on a case-by-case basis if and which replacements to offer.
An example: A seam comes apart which you yourself have previously altered. This clearly is not covered by our warranty, because as you will hopefully understand, we cannot cover your handiwork.
Another example: You’ve dyed your manduca a different colour and now one of the buckles broke. There is no causal relationship between the alteration (dying) and the defect (broken buckle), so we will replace this buckle for you.

Buckles will always be replaced – no exceptions. Scout’s honour!

Why? Why not!
Here, we would like to appeal to your honesty: If you’ve been shopping with the kids, things got a little hectic and the buckle got caught when you slammed shut the car door while holding three bags in one hand and your older kid’s arm in the other… well, then even the sturdiest buckle doesn’t stand a chance! Don’t worry, though, we still have just the right replacement for you! Hey, we even do if you forgot closing all the buckles before throwing your manduca in the washer – or if your dog mistook it for a bone. :-)
But, and this is a serious and big “but”: It is absolutely essential that we know why a buckle broke. For if there was no obvious reason (i.e. door, washer, dog), there is a chance that there may be a material deficiency – and in this case, this raises all kinds of red flags for us! We will then immediately contact the producer as well as the factory and have the whole batch thoroughly examined.

manduca Navy Buckle

manduca Navy with buckle by the trusted brand: DURAFLEX®/ NATIONAL MOLDING


Thankfully, we’ve never encountered a case or seen a batch where buckles broke “just like that” (and phew! we’ve never had to do a preventive recall, either). Brand quality really does pay off, after all!

Our promise: we’ll offer a solution – always.

Our customer service will help you out in any warranty case – even when you’re unsure whether your specific problem is covered at all. Honesty is always the best policy, for even in those borderline cases, you can count on our goodwill. We treat each unique case the way it deserves – and there we will make every effort to provide a simple yet suitable solution to any warranty case.

Your service:

Our service staff is available by phone Monday to Friday, 8:30 am till 1:00 pm (CET) or via e-mail:

E-mail: service@wickelkinder.de
Phone: +49 (0)6424 928 69 16 and +49 (0)6424 928 69 19