Before we release a new, colourful LimitedEdition this autumn, we would like to off er you a special edition in limited numbers:
The successful HighFive has lost its white patch and turned into a minimal single-colour design.
A carrier for lovers of simplicity who live by the motto “Less is more!”

manduca SpecialEdition

manduca SpecialEdition lime, greymelange and royal


SpecialEdition: a classic design in three stunning colours

Simple, yet by no means plain: whether in luminous blue, breezy green or denim grey – the colours shine just as beautifully without the white patch. The single-colour design, combined with the clearcut lines of the delicate piping, make this model look less sportive and add a touch of minimalist style. The manduca SpecialEdition is available as of now and in limited numbers only.

Fit perfectly: manduca Accessories

Of course, the accessories to the HighFive collection work just as well with the new SpecialEdition and complement it in looks and function:

HighFive ZipIn “IT’S A GIRL“ and IT’S A BOY”

HighFive ZipIn “IT’S A GIRL“ und IT’S A BOY”


FumBee HighFive lime and royal

FumBee HighFive lime and royal


How do you like the new SpecialEdition in plain colours?