Wickelkinder GmbH donated more than 1000 manduca baby carrier to the charity organisation World Vision. These carriers go to children and their families who live in some of the most disadvantaged developing nations and under adverse circumstance in which any help is needed.

manduca World Vision

7 pallets of manduca baby carriers in World Vision’s storage in Rodgau


World Vision – A future for children

World Vision Deutschland e.V. is part of the World-Vision network and has been active since 1979.
World Vision is an international Christian aid organisation fighting poverty and injustice. They support indigent children and families worldwide, taking a sustainable and holistic approach to tackle complex problems. Central to their mission is the wellbeing of the weakest, babies and children.

World Vision offers child sponsorships, sets up up long-term projects and provides emergency relief. It is for emergency situations especially that World Vision maintains storage facilities well stocked with basic goods and commodities. One of these is situated in Rodgau near Frankfurt-on-Main, and it is there that our co-worker Jochen recently took the aforementioned manduca carriers.

Sustainable living instead of throwaway society

Why did we give away so many manduca baby carriers? It’s quite simple, really: The manduca carriers come from a batch that didn’t meet our strict quality criteria and had to be sorted out. The carriers are fully functional and 100 % usable, but a small visual defect meant that they didn’t live up to our high aesthetic standards and thus weren’t fit for retail. But what a pity if they had had to be scrapped!

It didn’t take us long to decide that, instead of simply disposing of them, they should be put to good use. By donating them to World Vision, our colleague Jochen did find a worthy cause and saw to it that our manduca carriers were handed over immediately.

So it didn’t take long until Jochen had all the carriers stashed into a trailer and drove the vehicle, which was laden almost to capacity, to World Vision’s storage in Rodgau.

manduca World Vision

No lightweight cargo: More than 1000 manduca baby carriers aboard make for an original ride – small wonder, since the carriers amount to a net weight of roughly 750 kg – add the packaging and pallets and this was quite the delivery!


World Vision welcomes the many manduca baby carriers, which will be of good service to many a poor family. Us, we are quite happy we didn’t have to discard functionally flawless stock and hope that – thanks to World Vision – they will be put to use where they do make a difference.

In case you’re interested, here’s a map of all the nations that are World Vision’s main sites of action, which is also where the manduca carriers will be shipped.