The polls are closed! You and all other manduca fans have used the opportunity to vote on Facebook and thus one of the new LimitedEdition designs is now definitive. And here’s our winner:

LimitedEdition Voting

Design 2.1b won with a total of 120 votes


Lots of circles in fresh colours and waist belt as well as the typical manduca arches in solid green: This is what the new exclusive manduca by manduca fans for manduca fans will look like.

What a marvellous choice! We’re really happy about your decision – but, well, we really liked all the designs after all… Many, many thanks for participating and for your many votes.

A close call it was…

At the end, it was neck-and-neck and we sat at the office checking the stats every other minute. Most interestingly, the decision wasn’t between two colour variants, but between two entirely different designs:

Design 1 - The runner-up

Design 1 – The runner-up

Design 2 - The winner

Design 2 – The winner










manduca LimitedEdition Voting

The first 6 designs on the home straight


So, what’s next?

The voting has really helped us to come to a decision. You – the manduca fans – have picked your favourite and now it’s our turn: We’ll select one or two more colours that will go to into production so that this LimitedEdition, too, offers several versions to choose from. Oh, and we’ll also need a fitting moniker…

Of course, we’re already looking forward to presenting this latest LimitedEdition this autumn. Pictures can never do the fabrics justice, so we promise it’ll look even better in the flesh!