Your baby’s soon to enter this world and you’re already wondering when to start babywearing?
As we’ve already explained, that’s no problem with manduca (see: manduca for newborns).
But here’s even better news for you: Soon, there will be another way to carry your little baby.

Size-It reduces the width of the manduca’s seat and so adjusts it to the right size for your baby. This makes it even easier to carry your newborn baby in the manduca.

manduca Size-It  example

manduca Size-It example on manduca baby carrier


For an easy and perfect fit: “Adjust the size of your manduca!”

Size-It is a softly padded, flexible textile belt that you pass around your manduca’s seat.
Then you close the buckle and adjust it with the strap bands to fit to your baby’s size. Now you pick up your baby, place it in the “smaller” manduca and see how easy it is to carry him or her in a perfect M position. It’s just as simple as it sounds: After all, the two of you haven’t got all day!

manduca Size-It Instructions for use
Of course, you can also combine Size-It with the manduca’s integrated infant seat:

A winning team: manduca’s infant seat and Size-It

The manduca‘s infant seat has always allowed you to carry your newborn in the orthopaedically correct M position® (see also: manduca for newborns). Size-It now offers you even more ways to do just that, for both features can be used on their own or in combination with one another. Depending on the combination and the size of your child, your baby’s feet are either fully inside the carrier, showing just a little, or the legs are visible all the way up to the knees as with a Marsupi.

As you like it: Make yourself and your baby as comfortable as can be

Whether you carry with the infant seat or the Size-It – it’s entirely up to you, for from an orthopaedic view both are equal in function! Just give it a try and see which is more comfortable for you and your baby. Don’t forget: Every day is a different day, you may prefer one method today and another tomorrow.


And when will Size-It be in the shops?

Soon! Production is set to begin any day now and we’re expecting the first shipments in November. The Size-Its will then be shipped immediately to our specialist retailers – and of course, we’ll let you know, too. Where? Here on the blog.

We’ll be really, really curious to see how you like the Size-It – so far, our test parents all held favourable opinions. Until then, we’re looking forward to your comments and questions!