While there are so many fantastic manduca LimitedEditions, we originally wanted to keep the latest, stunning special edition manduca Phantasy, designed exclusively for the Czech and Slovak market, to ourselves…

Exclusive design is exclusive, we thought, but we couldn’t have been more wrong! Our dedicated manduca fans, always on the lookout for new and old special editions, quickly discovered it online on Mamaja’s Facebook, where our Czech wholesaler first presented these two brand new designs: manduca Phantasy orange/red and manduca Phantasy blue/green. Had you discovered them already, too?

manduca Phantasy blue/green

manduca Phantasy blue/green

manduca phantasy orange

manduca Phantasy orange/red










Anyway, we believe this manduca is a real eye-catcher and will surely find a following beyond the Czech Republic. While it is available for purchase only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, I recently found that a (shopping) trip to Prague is always worth your while, and the summer holidays are a perfect opportunity! So if you just happen to be in the vicinity, use the opportunity and take a live peek at the manduca Phantasy.

By the way: Like all manduca LimitedEditions, this one is made from 100 % organically grown cotton and offers all features and benefits of the patented manduca baby carrier, including the original manduca back extension.