Instruction manuals are a subject for themselves, especially as they are often unintentionally funny.
But when it comes to safety, instructions are a matter of vital importance. The “be-all and end-all” is to explain everything of importance as concise as possible but also as detailed as necessary – in words and images. We have made sure that our new manduca instructions meet these requirements.

Everything important at a glance

Whether front, back, or hip carry – each carrying position is described in detail in both words and pictures:

manduca Instruction Front Position

The contemporary design, many illustrations, an easy to grasp colour scheme and the clear wording make it even easier for you to use the manduca.
The instruction are:

  • Easy to handle: The booklet is a convenient A4 format
  • Clear: Each carrying style is presented on one double page, where the colour scheme allows for quick orientation
  • Illustrated: All important product parts and essential techniques are presented in words and pictures.
  • Comprehensible: Step-by-step instructions facilitate putting on the manduca. Important advice and cautions are highlighted – ensuring nothing is overlooked.


Always there for you: manduca instructions online

As of now, you may download a PDF-version of the manduca manual at – in many different European languages, if you like. Thanks to the convenient A4 format, you can also print single pages from the instructions.

So far, we have prepared the new instructions in eight languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch, Polish and Hungarian. Of course, there are more European languages to come, many of them are already being prepared. And if you cannot find your language yet, it might be there next week – just look out! From 2014 on, the printed A4-brochure will be enclosed in the manduca boxes – in six languages German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

Now take a look for yourself and check out the new manduca instruction. Should you have further questions how to use the manduca baby carrier, you might find an answer on our service. You can also contact us directly – we are here to help you! And in case you find a mistake in the instructions or you think of something that should be added – please let us know! After all, there is always something to improve and it is you and your experience that gives us the best hints :)

Download here:

manduca Instructions for use as PDF