Ok, I admit it: Up until some time ago, a baby carrier to me was but a practical piece of equipment to make parents’ life easier and to offer maximum carrying comfort through functional design. All this changed when I first entered Wickelkinder’s show room…

Numerous manduca structured comfort carriers (SCC) in so many colours and patterns. But wait! There was one that immediately caught my eye: Black and silent as the literary night, it yet had a distinct flair of coolness and self-assured confidence. Clear-cut lines, perfect design, and my favourite colour-combo of black and green made the manduca BlackLine ScreaminGreen stand out from the array of baby carriers like a true designer piece among ready-mades. Love at first sight!

manduca BlackLine ScreaminGreen

manduca BlackLine ScreaminGreen


Wow, I thought, this one really gets the message across! Just marvellous. If I were a young mother, it would be this and none other. My second thought: Finally a carrier allowing men to carry in style for the manduca BlackLine ScreaminGreen does without playful patterns or frilly designs. And anyway, black’s a colour that goes with any outfit – just like the manduca black, only way smarter! Long story short: It only took a few seconds to turn me into a total BlackLine fan!

BlackLine – cool design, three colours, strictly natural fabrics

The BlackLine is available not only in green, but in two further colours: RadicalRed and AbsoluteBlue.

manduca BlackLine RadicalRed and Absolute Blue

manduca BlackLine RadicalRed and Absolute Blue


I was most surprised that such the smart-looking BlackLine is made from 100 % organically grown cotton, since it doesn’t have that “granola look” at all!

Now that I am working here, I of course know everything there is to know about the BlackLine:

  • 100 % carrying comfort for parents and child – just like any other manduca baby carrier
  • 100 % natural – made from organic cotton only
  • 100 % European – made in the Czech Republic
  • 100 % style – cool design, cool looks

What a shame I never had the opportunity to carry my children in such a fine piece of equipment! But maybe my good friend would let me borrow her little one? After all, we’d all benefit: mummy gets a well-deserved break, the kid’s in good and capable hands and I … I get to carry around the bub in my favourite ScreaminGreen. I tell you what, I’d be looking forward to that!

So, which BlackLine is your favourite?