The very first Australian Babywearing Conference offered a lot to be discovered, plenty of news to take in and quite a few prizes to win. The babywearing enthusiasts certainly got their time and money’s worth thanks to a diverse agenda and numerous stalls with amazing products.

Australian Babywearing Conference 2013

Sponsored by manduca

Being the very first Babywearing Conference in Australia, the event was something extra special.
So for us at manduca, supporting this conference was a matter close to our hearts.
Our local representative, Fertile Mind (manduca Australia), was present at the conference. As well as being a platinum sponsor, they also made a significant contribution to the realisation of this event.
In keeping with the exceptional nature of the conference, the Fertile Mind stall offered an exceptional surprise for their visitors:

Fertile Mind at Australian Babywearing Conference 2013

The exclusive “Aussie” manduca

Enter stage left: A dream in blue – the exclusive “Aussie” manduca, specially designed for this conference, is adorned by the outline of the Australian continent as well as the logo of the Australian Babywearing Conference. No wonder this stunner attracted so many curious looks!

manduca Special Edition Australia

But the Aussie manduca is as rare as it is stunning: worldwide, there are only five of its kind … making the lucky winners of this unique SpecialEdition even luckier.
Two exemplars went to participants of the annual Australian babywearing survey. Another one was the prize in a raffle at the Conference. And the other two adorned the manduca stall of Fertile Mind and the models on the fashion show.

The conference may be over, but there’s always something to look forward to: For while there may only be five Aussie manducas, our latest LimitedEdition, the Circadelic, is soon to hit the stores!