manduca Easter Give-away ScreaminGreen

The Easter egg hunt has ended!

Did you find all eggs hidden on and send us your best guess? See if you were right:

The solution reads: SCREAMINGREEN


That wasn’t too difficult. Or was it? We’ve had some really cute guesses, such as ScreamingNeed, ScreamingBees, ScreamingBeep or ScreamingBebe. ;-) But these were only few and far in between.

We admit, we were wondering initially whether it would be a little too hard… Well, you all really did surprise us: More than 450 e-mails in just a few days and most of them were absolutely, 100% correct. Wow!

We very, very much enjoyed all the solutions pouring in, so here’s a big “Thank You!” to all of you for participating in our little egg hunt!

Here are the lucky winners:

Between all of you who sent us the right solution, we had random chance pick our three lucky winners, and the results are:

Winners – Check your E-Mail!

Drei für den Frühling: manduca green, manduca LimitedEdition HighFive lime, manduca BlackLine ScreaminGreen

hree for spring: manduca green, manduca LimitedEdition HighFive lime and manduca BlackLine ScreaminGreen


We hope you three will all be having many a cheerful day with your new, ready-for-spring manduca and accessories!

And for those of you who didn’t get lucky this time, we will keep our fingers crossed for the next sweepstakes, which is sure to come! :-)