Whether it’s shopping, baking or handicrafts, children just love to imitate their parents.
And when parents carry their babies, children want to carry, too. Like the two kids of my colleague, who both carried their dolls and teddy bears in a sling. In next to no time, these slings could be improvised from old scarfs.

doll carrier 1

In this picture, the proud doll mum is only two years old and is still carried in a manduca herself quite often. Of course,
also on the back!

My colleague’s son was also enthusiastic about carrying his soft toys. Not surprising at all, because his daddy is a babywearer, too – and he is always a good role model.

doll carrier 2

The brother carries his “kid” in front – just like mummy and daddy carry his newborn sister.

Doll carrier or doll’s pram – what is leading the game beneath the Christmas tree?

Everywhere, preparations for Christmas are in full swing: Wish lists are being written or drawn.
Quite often, girls put doll’s prams on their wish list, but doll carriers are popular, too, by now.
We think doll carriers make super Christmas presents:

  • Just like the parents:Children have a need to imitate the everyday behaviour of their parents. When parents carry their children, doll mummies and daddies can follow along the lines.
  • Less jealousy and sibling rivalry: When the newborn gets carried close to mummy’s and daddy’s body, siblings can get very jealous of the youngest. If they can carry their dolls, too, they feel more involved and less excluded. Jealousy diminishes or never arises at all.
  • Doll carriers are always right there with you: As small as they are, you can easily take them everywhere with you! Also, such a bit of cloth is really space-saving in the children’s room compared to a doll’s pram.

Doll carriers – do it yourself or buy one?

A sling for little doll mums and dads can be improvised quickly and easily, but some doll parents want comfort, too. With a little talent for sewing, you can quickly create a comfortable doll carrier.
If you are creative (and if you are more patient with needlework than I ever was), here is your creative challenge! We have found many sewing instructions and discovered some “tutorials” that look rather simple and fairly easy to follow. Here is the instruction I liked most, because it is clear, well structured, and the author provides measurements.
If you don’t like sewing at all or if you can’t find the time, there are a wide range of doll carriers you can buy. And these are pretty, too! Just like the big ones :-) . There is, for instance, a miniature version of the light front carrier Marsupi: the Mini-Marsupi with hook and loop fastening. Just as practical as its big “brother”. Of course, there are small versions of many other brands as well.

mini manduca 2

A couple of years ago, just a few manduca minis have been sewn. But these were individual items – truly unique and handmade, and did not go into series production.

mini LimitedEdition Jardin Noir

Especially for the fashion show at the “Tragetage Dresden” in 2009, we produced a miniature LimitedEdition: the Jardin Noir mini.

Maybe you have already made your own doll carrier for your kids? Including sewing instructions? Then please share them with the other manduca fans on facebook! And you are very welcome to present the proud doll mum or doll daddy, too! We are looking forward to it! :-)