We knew it would be a tough decision, so we let chance decide: There were 252 comments, and we asked the Random Number Generator to give us three number between 1 and 252. These were the ones that were picked:

Comment 151
“Meine perfekte Welt wäre voll von glücklichen Menschen ohne Leid, Schmerzen und Krieg. Jeder hätte die Möglichkeit seine (naturschonenden) Träume zu Leben. Sie wäre voll von glücklichen Kindern, Tieren und ganz viel Natur! Und jeder könnte sich eine Manduca leisten um sein Kind durch die Welt zu tragen.” – by Kathrin S. on 15.06.2012

Comment 171
“my daughter in a manduca in the wood.” – by anne de bouv on 17.06.2012

Comment 227
“My paradise would be a place where my beloved family will be; with no burden of stress, health issues, financial worries, etc. It will also be a place where my children will have everything they need to grow up healthily and become strong, compassionate, and responsible people.” – by Sam Chan-Jury on 23.06.2012

Congratulations and Herzlichen Glückwunsch to our winners! Thank you for participating everyone, as usual, your comments were lovely!

The winners will be contacted by e-mail within the next week. So check your inbox (and if nothing comes through, your spam folder)!

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The Wickelkinder