(German translation)

It was five years ago to the day, on June 14th 2007, that the founding documents for Wickelkinder GmbH were signed. A small gesture that laid the foundation for turning a one-woman show into the internationally successful company that we are today. It was also five years ago that we held our first, very own manduca in our hands, wondering whether you’d like what we had to offer. Turns out, you did!

Over the years, we’ve received lots of wonderful, encouraging, and insightful feedback from many of you. Please believe us when we say: Without you, our dream of the manduca would have never happened. So this week, we’ll be giving away three new manduca LimitedEdition Paradise – one of each. Simply because we feel so extremely lucky to have you as friends, advocates and supporters!



What do you have to do to win? Nothing much. All we want to know from you is this: