After last week’s fun contest we’ve been going over all of your comments once more – so many charming, witty and creative replies… You’re awesome!

Hence, we got thinking: “Why just three manducas? Why not five?” (After all, the manduca is turning five this year…) So last Friday, we sat down and after long, arduous deliberation, we picked two comments that we found particularly sweet. No, it wasn’t easy with so many to choose from. But here’s our pick:

A manduca for the most creative comment goes to ika:

M – My own paradise:
A – Anywhere but together (I & my housband & sons)
N – No more word “must” or “have to”
D – Do everything I love doing
U – Up & down: making love all the time
C – Carrying my childrens all day long with no pain
A – And have unlimited supplies of chocolate

The second manduca goes to Mish, whose succinct comment expressed vividly what all mums here at Wickelkinder can empathise with only too well:

My own private paradise would be a soft, clean fluffy bed, a nice meal with glass of vino and a full nights sleep… (What is sleep??)

Congratulations, you two!

And once again, we would like to thank all participants. It is great fun reading all your comments. This alone is reason enough for us to not let this be the last contest this year!