486 of you lovely ladies and lads participated in our ‘Win a manduca BlackLine’ contest, but unfortunately, only three of you could win…

Facebook competition

Since that decision would have been awfully difficult for us to make and since the reasons you gave for wanting a BlackLine were all either cute, delightful, touching or great fun (and sometimes all at the same time)… well, to make a long story short: We thought it would be best to let random chance decide.

So we copied all your entries in a spreadsheet*  to assign each of you a number and then went to random.org to generate three unique and absolutely random numbers. One for each BlackLine.

The results… ?

Well, they’re here!

First, the absolutely gorgeous AbsoluteBlue goes to…

Congratulations, Heather! Please get in touch and let us know your address: info@manduca.de


Second, but equally beautiful, totally rocking RadicalRed.

Toutes nos félicitations, Aurore! Si’l te plaît, fais nous parvenir ton adresse: info@manduca.de


And last but not least… the most coveted of all manduca BlackLines – ScreaminGreen!

Congratulations, Casey! Please get in touch and let us know your address: info@manduca.de


So, would all of you winners please get in touch at info@manduca.de and let us know where to ship your new friend?

And to all of you who didn’t win and kept their fingers crossed all week: We’d like to thank you for participating, anyway – it was  great fun! Also, we hope you’re not too disappointed and that at least you enjoyed the little number trivia.

Look it up on wikipedia. Seriously! Some of the stuff is really fascinating and almost every number has something special to it. So why not look up your number in the spreadsheet below and figure out what makes it special? – By the way, a happy number can be determined by starting with any positive integer, replacing the number by the sum of the squares of its digits, and repeating the process until the number equals 1. Like this for number 129: 12 + 22 + 92  = 86 → 82 + 62 = 100→ 12 + 02 + 02 = 1. Cool, huh?

*Spreadsheet see: Win a BlackLine – the entries.

PS: I bet I totally screwed up the format, now… Oh my.