Wow! The Flemish Babywearing Association has organized a high-level conference (First Flemish Babywearing Conference April 24 – 25) offering many interesting presentations and workshops to the conference attendees. Among the lecturers were Arie Brentnall-Compton (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance), Dr. Evelin Kirkilionis (talking about the clinging-young concept) as well as Prof. Reinhard Graf (paper on the positive impact of babywearing on the hip development). Graf’s paper was a subject of major interest to the babywearing audience and he had to answer many questions after his presentations.

Wickelkinder booth

ZipIn Ellipse – do you know this manduca accessory?

In the busy trade exhibition at the conference, the manufacturers of baby carriers and slings presented their latest products and answered many questions. At the manduca booth, attendees could learn about a small accessory that most of them did not know before: manduca ZipIn Ellipse which has become something like an insiders’ tip (for carrying newborns and small babies in the manduca) to the babywearing consultants in Germany. For all of you who do not know it:
The ZipIn Ellipse is a fabric panel that fits into manduca’s back extension. Due to its elliptical form it adapts the shape of the manduca to the natural curve of the small baby’s spine.