manduca in Hungary: Grinko’s focus on Organic and Design

The number of daddies who enjoy babywearing is constantly growing. Our Hungarian partner Grinko, …

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manduca in Italy:
professional, experienced, and successful

Although BabyLove2000 is one of our most recent business partners, it feels as …

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manduca in Chile: South American Babywearing

For women, a lot has changed in Chile in the past years. This becomes clear not only in the fact …

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manduca mission in Spain:
our partner Crianza Natural

Crianza Natural in Spain has been our partner from day one, when the manduca was first introduced to the market …

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Safety, comfort, and well-being:
manduca in Colombia

A baby can change your whole life. Doesn’t that sound familiar to you? And often enough it makes parents start …

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manduca goes Mexico:
how baby carriers fit the Rebozo culture

Do you know what a rebozo is? Well, to tell you the truth, until recently I did not either. But …

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