Relax! manduca Mandala is twice the fun

    What has the manduca to do with mandalas – these colouring pictures with geometric shapes that are arranged in a …

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    manduca PureCotton wins
    German Design Award Special Mention

    It is well-known and well-earned that thanks to its clever features the manduca has received many awards not only in …

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    Warm, warmer, BabyLegs! Cute & soft for babies and kids!

    It’s getting cold outside: winter is around the corner! There is nothing we can do about that, but even so …

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    manduca in Singapore:
    awareness for ergonomic babywearing

    Although Singapore is a comparatively small country, the East Asian city state is a strong market for baby carriers like …

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    manduca in New Zealand:
    fitting the image of pure nature

    New Zealand makes you think of a green island, crystal clear water, and above all of pure, untouched nature. But …

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    manduca in Hungary: Grinko’s focus on Organic and Design

    The number of daddies who enjoy babywearing is constantly growing. Our Hungarian partner Grinko, …

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