Carry a newborn: with Size-It & manduca in the M-Position®

    With your baby, you always want to do things perfectly. And if you ask yourself, whether it is possible to …

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    manduca & ExTend make a true toddler carrier

    As soon as children have learned to walk, they are walking and running all the time! That’s the way it …

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    manduca Pouch:
    Pack a manduca bag for days on the move

    The manduca has no bag or pocket, you think? You bet it has! But the manduca …

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    manduca for newborns:
    colours & curve with ZipIn Ellipse

    Your baby is still small and you would like to carry her/him in the manduca? No problem. The manduca is …

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    Does your baby drool?
    manduca FumBees to the rescue!

    What is colourful, wet, and hangs on the clothes line in the living room, kitchen or bathroom? Are your rooms, …

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    Favourite piece for fall & winter: 3in1 babywearing jacket

    This is the time when you hear people coughing or sneezing in the office, the nursery school, and on the …

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