Comfortably through thick and thin: manduca straps and belts

    Your manduca is a full buckle carrier that is fast and easy to put on with the help of straps …

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    manduca headrest: All good in the hood ;-)

    The manduca headrest is no big thing, you think? This is true in a sense – as it is only …

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    A different kettle of (fish) friends #friendsday #socialize

    Dear manduca friends,
    When you start in a new surrounding, let’s say in a new neighbourhood or a new job, you …

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    manduca infant seat: carry your baby with the newborn insert

    The manduca baby carrier comes with an integrated infant seat – or newborn insert, as it is sometimes referred to. …

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    Ingenious for babies of all ages:
    manduca back extension

    The horizontal zipper in the back panel of the manduca baby carrier provides for a simple yet ingenious feature: opening …

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    M-position®: carry your baby the natural way in the manduca

    As you certainly know, the term M-position describes the spread-squat position …

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