I love being a Wickelkind

Just recently, my boss and co-workers really caught me by surprise: They were waiting for me with a ginormous bouquet …

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Overview in every detail: new manduca instructions now online!

Instruction manuals are a subject for themselves, especially as they are often unintentionally funny.
But when it comes to safety, instructions …

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Keeping you warm, dry and comfortable:
the new MaM Babywearing Covers!

Although we’d rather not think about the cold and rainy season yet, we do not want to keep the latest …

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All-in-one pack: BlackLine now with free FumBee!

Maybe you have already seen it in your specialist baby shop: we are running a special promotion for you and …

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manduca – for newborn from what age?

Are you confused, too?
Does everyone tell you something different when you ask people if you can use the manduca for …

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Over 1000 manduca baby carriers for World Vision

Wickelkinder GmbH donated more than 1000 manduca baby carrier to the charity organisation World Vision. These carriers go …

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