Applause, applause!
manduca best baby carrier in tests!

What a perfect start to the year! Three times in a row, manduca was tested as best baby carrier in …

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Awesome day rather than wisps of pink – manduca #lovethechange

Have you seen our manduca #lovethechange motifs yet? In parenting magazines, on our manduca facebook page …

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manduca photo shoot – the “making of”:
join us and LovinLilac!

Of every new manduca baby carrier, there are product images needed for our website and for catalogues. After …

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Our highlight of the week:
all zipped up and ready to go!

We can no longer imagine life without the zip fastener. For a long time now, this brilliant invention has not …

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Everyday life with baby:
my right, right arm is free …

Cooking, baking, spreading a slice of bread? My everyday life with baby at home is a while ago now, but …

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„I’m carrying my doll!“
Doll carriers make children happy!

Whether it’s shopping, baking or handicrafts, children just love to imitate their parents.
And when parents carry their babies, children want …

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