Some of you already got the news last week and saw a glimpse of the new manduca Purple collection on Facebook. Now, we would like to present this awesome collection in its full beauty to all of you. Some people like purple rain, some like purple fruits – and we like purple baby carriers and slings! ;-) And (guessing from the many comments on Facebook), you will almost certainly like them as much as we do!

manduca Purple Collection Baby Carrier, Baby Sling

Fashionable & beautiful: manduca Purple collection

When it comes to the colours of our baby carriers and slings, we love keeping up with fashion trends. Especially, when it is such a gorgeous colour as 2018’s Pantone colour of the year: violet, or, to put it more accurately: PANTONE 18-3838 TCX Ultra violet.
You will find this deep rich purple in many fashion collections and stores this year. Yet, our purple beauties will not only perfectly match this year’s colour trends but they will also stay beautiful no matter what trend is currently on the go. This is because purple goes well with many other colours. So, let’s take a look at our new fabulous four!

manduca Purple collection: the baby slings

manduca Sling purple – soft, classy, beautiful. The new colour is a wonderful addition to the other eight plain colours of the manduca Slings. And if you prefer patterned designs, you might choose manduca Sling PurpleDarts that features a stunning continuous print design of little white triangles printed that look like darts on the deep purple fabric – hence the name :-).

manduca Sling Purple manduca Sling PurpleDarts

Both new sling items, the classy manduca Sling purple and the playful manduca Sling PurpleDarts will surely attract many looks. It goes without saying that both new slings are just as cuddly and ecological as all the other manduca Slings and that they are made of the same wonderfully lightweight jersey fabric, ensuring highest carrying comfort for you and your baby.

-    Bi-elastic knit – stable & elastic
-    100 % organic cotton
-    M-Position
-    Tested for babies from 3.5 -15 kg, highest comfort for babies up to 9 kg

For more features and benefits of the manduca Sling please take a look at our manduca website.

manduca Purple collection: the baby carriers

With the manduca Purple collection, we add two more beautiful designs to the range of colours of the manduca comfort carrier (which is always the right choice if you are looking for a baby carrier that will accompany you and your child from day one until nursery age ;-) )

manduca PureCotton Purple  Baby Carrier

The manduca PureCotton Purple features a classy and restrained look – the deep purple colour gives the cotton fabric an almost magic touch. You want to feel the magic of pure and purple cotton? Or would you rather go for the special design of the manduca LimitedEdition PurpleDarts? Just like the Sling PurpleDarts, the collection’s baby carrier features a beautiful darts design with little triangles. Here, the PurpleDarts design of this LimitedEdition features a lovely embroidery with a circular pattern of darts on the back panel. An absolute eye-catcher!

Of course, all this beauty comes with the proven features of the manduca baby carrier. Plus, both baby carriers in the Purple collection offer two novelties: the new optimized 3-point buckle at the waist belt which is easier to open, and a new fabric quality, an extra soft canvas cotton which hardly attracts lint.

manduca LimitedEdition PurpleDarts Baby Carrier Purple

-    Improved 3-point buckle at the waist belt
-    New fabric quality (soft & fluff free finish)
-    Patented, integrated back extension (new: single layer)
-    M-Position®
-    Integrated infant seat
-    Recommended for babies and children from 3.5 – 20 kg

For more features and benefits of the manduca baby carriers please take a look at the manduca website.

manduca Purple collection: four fabulous designs

We know, the new collection doesn’t make it easy for you to choose. The more designs you can choose from, the harder it gets to make a choice. ;-) But whatever carrier or sling you pick from this collection – you will get a wonderful colour and you can be 100 % certain to carry your baby safely and comfortably. We wish you a lot of babywearing fun with our new collection! :-)