You all know these mornings, when you just are in a bad mood (and don’t know why). When the day starts like a rainy holiday, when you have a coffee with spoiled milk, or when you are spending too much time in a traffic jam. In a word, you are grumpy and you really feel more like returning to your bed than going to the office. You think nothing can save your day. But then you open your first e-mail in the inbox and suddenly your day brightens up!

This is what happened to me, when I read the beautiful email message of Jose the other day. I found it such a sweet story that I just have to share it with you.
I am sure that you will love it as much as I do.

manduca, Marburg, Malaga

Email for manduca from Malaga

“Dear Sir or Madam,
I am a spanish father of a 16 months old baby boy and, me and my wife, acquired recently a manduca baby carrier (the manduca first in navy colour). We are very happy with the product, because its amazing quality and because our baby feels very comfortable and truly loves to be carried in it (and we love to carry him).

But I, personally, feel really really happy because when I realized where the company was stablished I discovered that you are located in Marburg, where I was working for two years and a half just 5 years ago!!  I was working in the PUM. I loved the city and those two years were the best I’ve ever had in my job.

You would say “Oh God, we do not mind where you were working” but those years were so good that just reading Marburg in the manduca’s package made me feel very happy and somehow proud that this great item came from the city where I lived that great time that I felt I should take a couple of minutes to write an email to you to say: thank you.

Warm regards from the south of Spain.
Jose M.”

manduca, Marburg, Malaga :-)

Reading Jose’s message really put a big smile on my face. :-) Thank you again! Who knows – maybe there is a special connection between #manduca, Marburg and Malaga? ;-)