Coming soon: The new baby sling and the new baby carrier of our very first bellybutton by manduca collection – beautifully designed in the typical bellybutton look with little stars and dots. This stylish look is a wonderful match to the grey colours of the baby sling and the baby carrier bellybutton by manduca. Clear the stage for the stunning designs in star quality!

bellybutton by manduca baby carrier and sling

Cosy and in starlike beauty: the baby sling bellybutton by manduca Sling MilkyStar

For the first time, the manduca Sling comes in an exclusive design. And as you would expect from a premiere, it is particularly beautiful: little white stars are shining on the manduca bellybutton by manduca Sling – timeless and beautiful.

Just like the manduca Slings in uni colours, the Sling MilkyStars is made of bi-elastic and breathable jersey fabric, and hence it is just as elastic and stable. The sling is comfortable like a soft t-shirt for you, and it supports the orthopedically correct M-Position®, providing the highest carrying comfort in three easy-to-tie carrying methods: the pre-tied front carry, the traditional front cross carrying method, and the hip carry (for older babies). Made of 100 % organic cotton and GOTS certified (just like any other manduca Sling).

bellybutton by manduca Sling MilkyStars

Babywearing in style: stars or dots?

You may choose from two beautiful designs of the bellybutton by manduca baby carrier: pink dots on a warm anthracite fabric or a bright starry sky on a light grey background. To be admired on the hip belt and the open back extension.

No matter which design you pick, you will always decide for an ergonomic baby carrier which offers you all great features of the manduca baby carrier: the patented back extension, the integrated infant seat, the manduca’s tried-and-trusted organic quality, the comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps and above all the possibility to carry your baby in the M-Position: on your front, on your hip and on your back. All fabrics of the baby carrier bellybutton by manduca are made of 100 % organic cotton.

bellybutton by manduca BerryDots baby carrier

If you like dots, the BerryDots is just perfect for you. Here, pink dots glow on anthracite – plus, a pink piping makes an additional eye-catcher. Discreet grey with a vivid accent.

bellybutton by manduca BerryDots baby carrier

bellybutton by manduca MilkyStars baby carrier

Luckily, you may also get a manduca baby carrier with the beautiful MilkyStars Design with little white stars on light grey. Who knows: maybe you like it so much that you treat yourself with both – baby sling and baby carrier?

bellybutton by manduca MilkyStars baby carrier

When and where can we get the bellybutton by manduca designs?

The bellybutton by manduca collection will be available at the end of January – go and ask for it in your favourite shop! The jersey Sling MilkyStars has an RRP of 74.90 EUR – and the baby carrier bellybutton by manduca has an RRP of 149.00 EUR.

We wish you a lot of fun babywearing with the beautiful designs of the new bellybutton by manduca collection! We are excited to see which design will be your favourite one :-)