When our first bellybutton by manduca collection was launched at the beginning of 2017, we invited several babywearing fans to test our new designs. Also a babywearing consultant was among the testers. Not surprisingly, they all liked the stylish designs and were overall happy with the comfort and versatility the bellybutton by manduca is providing. Some of them have written in all length how the manduca baby carrier has convinced them. Because, on top of the beautiful design, they got to know a baby carrier that has everything a good baby carrier needs. Find out here what the testers have said.


“I never leave the house without the baby carrier – always close enough to kiss”

Dyana never thought she would become a convinced babywearer. But then she started to wear her son in a sling, and later she changed to a manduca baby carrier. Today, she prefers the comfort and ergonomics of the manduca baby carrier and wouldn’t want to miss it again. Apart from the typical bellybutton design, she loves the manduca baby carrier because it

•    …  offers optimal relief for her shoulders
(due to the hip belt that ensures good weight distribution)
•    … is very comfortable and easy to put on
•    … ensured that the baby is always close enough to kiss
•    …. helps her baby to calm down
•    …. makes it easy for her to nurse her baby in the manduca baby carrier
•    … is made with organic Cotton

You will find her complete review (German only) on her blog callitcool.de.


“The manduca baby carrier is very adjustable”

We were happy to have also a babywearing consultant from Familienbegleitung Saar among our testers. Not did she only test the manduca baby carrier but also the helpful accessories for newborns and toddlers. In her review she emphasized that

•    The manduca can be adjusted to wear babies in nearly all sizes
•    With the accessory manduca Size-It the infant seat can be adjusted
•    The accessory manduca ZipIn Ellipse supports the adjustment to the natural roundness of a baby’s back
•    With the accessory manduca ExTend, the manduca baby carrier fits even big children


“Nothing more practical than this!”

Another mom tester, MilasundGabrielsMama, started babywearing with a manduca Sling and enjoyed very much the comfort provided and the closeness very much. When she tried the bellybutton by manduca baby carrier, she found above all that

•    The manduca baby carrier is very easy and quick to put on
•    The manduca is especially comfortable because the shoulder straps can be crossed in the back
•    The manduca baby carrier is very flexible because of its adjustable straps and belts

bellybutton by manduca baby carrier

“As good as gold”

“Studentenmama” fell in love with the beautiful bellybutton design and got a bellybutton by manduca Sling MilkyStars first. When she heard about our product tests she was excited to test the baby carrier, too. In her blog she said that the manduca baby carrier
•    is very quick to put on
•    makes sure that the baby’s back is well supported
•    is back-friendly
•    is the only full-buckle carrier that allows to cross the shoulder belts , which makes it extremely comfortable and is a benefit for slim women (belts won’t slip from the shoulders).


We are very happy that the testers feel comfortable with the bellybutton by manduca baby carrier. It’s a perfect combination of proven manduca quality and the wonderful bellybutton design.