When our Spanish distributor Crianza Natural asked for an exclusive, specially designed manduca baby carrier for her assortment, it was by no means an extraordinary question. We have always realised extra special designs in small quantities for our customers (e.g. the carrier Phantasy in Czech Republic, or Crepusculo in Spain).

However, when Rosa, the owner of Crianza Natural, showed us her ideas of a skull design, we were quite astonished. And yet, at the same time we got to work enthusiastically, creating her new exclusive collection – after all we were a bit in a hurry because this special manduca BabyCarrier should have been ready by early November for the “Dia de los Muertos”. Now, since late October, the manduca by Crianza Natural MexicanNight is exclusively available from Crianza Natural, already a desirable collective item since the MexicanNight is limited to only 200 pieces!

manduca by Crianza Natural MexicanNight