The year is 2008. The manduca baby carrier has been on the market for a year and parents are absolutely thrilled. But the parents say seven colours are not enough  – they want more! They don’t have to wait long because we have something really special up our sleeve. The idea of the manduca collection “LimitedEdition” is born: a manduca baby carrier limited in numbers with an exclusive design made only for this model. The collection ranges from classy embroideries and beautiful prints to fancy applications. Featuring all sorts of designs from hummingbirds to a continuous pattern of neat rhomboids, the designs have something to suit every taste and every season. After all, it is a matter of taste! Just like fashion collections!

manduca LimitedEdition Designs 2008 - 2016

LimitedEditions: Infinite design worlds

If you include all the different colours as well, we have come up with more than 50 different limited edition designs. Not only that, there are special editions for individual countries, such as the Special Edition Phantasy which was produced only for the Czech Republic. Of course, we always put one sample of each design aside for our “manduca museum”. Every year, we come across them again during the annual inventory and are always delighted to see the gorgeous designs once more. In real life, they are even more beautiful than the pictures. :-) And as the manduca is incredibly durable even when used daily, we often see some of the early limited designs on the streets (much to our delight). Join us for a journey back in time – from the very first to the latest manduca LimitedEdition.

manduca LimitedEditions – our milestones:

•    2008: The first and one of the most discreet limited designs is released: manduca IceRose (55 % hemp, 45 % organic cotton). Small run with a fine design: compared to an original manduca, the only difference is a delicate rose lining. The understated design received  a lot of praise, though!

manduca LimitedEdition Designs 2008

•    2009: The success of the new special designs led to a huge demand. With twelve special designs in total, 2009 was truly the year of the “Limiteds”. This was when memorable designs such as MellowFellow and JardinNoir were created.

manduca LimitedEdition Designs 2009

•    2010: The “limited” boom continues. With seven designs from BambooFlame to SummerWave, we keep our manduca LimitedEdition fans happy.

manduca LimitedEdition Designs 2010

•    2011: The stunning creations of that year still rank among the favourite designs of the manduca community. The GreyPattern, to name but one, has timeless appeal.

manduca LimitedEdition Designs 2011

•    2012: Just like heaven. The beautiful design Paradise conveys the spirit of summer with tropical flora and fauna in three bright colours, each more beautiful than the last. A novelty is the addition of matching accessories to the limited designs: practical FumBee strap protectors and a ZipIn for the manduca back extension, perking up the manduca back panel. In autumn, the SilverLily offers a classy contrast with delicate embroidery and a silver lining.

manduca LimitedEdition Designs 2012

•    2013 offers a HighFive. After 5 years of manduca and in the fifth year of the LimitedEdition, the HighFive is both sporty and chic. The wildly coloured Circadelic comes in four different colours, offering dazzling colours in the spirit of the seventies.

manduca LimitedEdition Designs 2013

•    2014 starts with distinguished elegance. The rhomboids of the True look like shimmering gemstones. And the Star in autumn conjures up “a sky full of stars”! Also, we have a limited edition in our black collection for the first time: the LovinLilac is Germany’s next BlackLine model ;-)

manduca LimitedEdition Designs 2014

•    2015 is still on our mind. Summer birds with Birdie in June, and the Mandala concludes the “Limiteds” with a fancy ethnic design.

manduca-limitededition-baby carrier  2015

•    2016 announces “Viva la Vivid!”  Joyful, fresh, colourful: the manduca LimitedEdition Vivid simply makes you happy! Good prospect for the summer! :-)

manduca LimitedEdition Designs 2016

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