Did you know that until approx. 160 years ago, there weren’t any strollers and prams for babies? And when the stroller was invented, only the rich could afford this new invention for baby transport. Today, a stroller is almost a “must have” for most parents, but more and more parents have (re)discovered babywearing for themselves. Along with promoting the baby’s healthy physical and emotional development, the practical aspect of babywearing is obvious: the parents’ arms are free and the baby is always in view. And in contrast to a stroller or pram, a light baby carrier such as the manduca is always easy to take with you. After all, it is small, light, and it fits in any bag or back pack (and of course also in a stroller).

manduca light baby carrier

Light baby carrier benefit: the manduca is a lightweight

When babies grow, they put on weight. As every gram counts when babywearing, a baby carrier should add as less additional weight as possible. Your manduca has a light weight of approx. 680 g and therefore is as light as some baby slings, and above all a lot lighter than some special child back carriers (some of them weigh more than 3,000 g). This is why the manduca is so comfortable for hiking tours and sport activities such as Kanga training and Nordic Walking. Plus, the manduca can be used not only as a back carrier, but as a front carrier, too. Being particularly light, you can take the manduca with you for your toddlers who are already walking (manduca to the rescue when legs are getting tired). Also, the manduca can be folded into a really small package, and you will always find the space for a manduca in your back pack or diaper bag.

Small pack size benefit: pack your bag in next to no time

When travelling with small children, you always have to carry something extra: diapers, spare clothes, weather protection or food – your packing list is sometimes long, even when you are just on your way to the next playground. To fold up your manduca as small as possible, you don’t need a special instruction, just a few steps.

manduca - small packsize

manduca small packsize

Done! Folded up like this, your manduca is always ready to hand: in the car, in the stroller, or in your cabin baggage when travelling by plane. Wherever you go: #enjoythetrip :-)