Thanks to their buckles comfort carriers like the manduca are really practical, as you can put them on and buckle them up like a backpack. Additionally, buckles have a safety advantage. Today you will learn about the different manduca buckles: the upper shoulder strap buckles, the side buckles for fine tuning the shoulder straps, the small connection-strap buckle and the hip belt buckle.

manduca buckles

Buckles instead of knots – your comfort advantage

Whether they favour buckles or knots to fasten a baby carrier is for some parents a matter of personal preference. They find it a lot easier to close a buckle instead of tying a knot. If the belts are already adjusted to the right length to fit you and your child, this is pretty easy. And it is done very quickly! For all who find it too complicated to tie a knot, a comfort carrier like the manduca is the best choice.

manduca comfort carrier

The manduca hip belt buckle: your safety advantage

For other parents, the safety issue is important: the manduca hip belt is a high quality three-point-buckle by Duraflex which, when closed correctly, cannot be opened accidentally.

Fasten and open buckles: To close the buckle, guide the male part of the buckle through the elastic safety loop and fasten the buckle. The buckle has been properly fastened when you hear a loud clicking sound and the clasps on both sides snap into place. And as it is a three-point-buckle, you have to press three points at the same time (a little tricky but safe).

three point safety buckle

If you make also sure that the buckle is always behind the safety loop, everything is just perfect. Even if you opened the buckle accidentally, the belt would not open completely, as the buckle will be caught in the safety loop. This ensures that an unintended release is nearly impossible.

manduca hip belt buckle

Please make sure that the buckle is always behind the safety loop.


manduca hip belt buckle

manduca hip belt buckle: correctly closed


Have you seen the new manduca buckle already? As of now, the manduca hip belt buckle shows the manduca logotype.

For fine tuning: the side buckles at the shoulder strap (bottom)

As already described last week, you can use the short end of the shoulder webbing to adjust the manduca in a way that your baby is always close to your body (it should not fall away from you). This is the last step when putting on the manduca. The side buckles are two-way buckles that can be quickly released with one hand. Also here, it is necessary to position the side buckles behind the safety loops so that they can be caught if opened unintendedly. This happens more often than you think!

manduca shoulder strap buckles

Shoulder straps: clever feature with a side benefit

With their two-way buckles these shoulder straps offer an important possibility to adjust the manduca to you and your child. We have no special name for these buckles, but there are a couple of babywearing consultants, who call these buckles “breastfeeding buckles”. May be you have heard this term before? Some mothers like breastfeeding their babies in the manduca and have discovered these buckles. When these buckles are released, the baby can remain in the manduca while being fed. Please note that this breastfeeding possibility is only a side effect and no main feature, because everything has to fit perfectly when a baby is being breastfed in a baby carrier, and it depends on many factors (position of child, size of breast, etc.). If you are able to breastfeed in your manduca, you are lucky, because this is a side effect, an additional “goodie”. :-) It might be completely different for another breastfeeding couple. To cut a long story short: Breastfeeding in the manduca might work but need not.

manduca shoulder strap buckles

Shoulder strap buckles up to the stop?

Is it necessary to tighten this buckle completely? No! There is no need to do so. This is just another myth around these buckles. Again and again, there are rumours in internet forums that it is a must to tighten this buckle completely to ensure a good position of the child in the manduca. However, it is just an adjustment buckle that does not have to be tightened up to its limit. By the way: When the manduca was introduced to the market in 2007, these adjustment possibilities were features that distinguished the manduca from the other baby carriers.

All buckled up? Great! And in case one of the buckles breaks (for example in a car door) then contact and tell us honestly how this has happened. Then we will send you a new buckle. Honestly! :-)

manduca buckles adjustment possibilities with manduca buckles


manduca buckles