So you need to get from A to B with your baby? These days, mobility is one of the basic necessities for parents. Prams and baby carriers are therefore right at the top of the list when it comes to purchasing baby’s first equipment. But babywearing is more than just baby transport. Read on to learn more about how convenient babywearing can be compared to pushing the pram and discover the many benefits of babywearing. #thisiswhywebabywear :-)

baby transport - manduca baby carrier

Hands free to do hundreds of things!

Whether you are at home or out and about, a baby carrier such as the manduca or a baby sling can give you both hands free even in situations when your baby needs a lot of body contact and reassurance. Hands free to deal with all the domestic tasks (that parents never seem to get round to doing), the gardening or simply to make yourself a sandwich.

hands free thanks to manduca baby carrier
An additional benefit is that when using a baby carrier, you not only have both hands free, your back also remains straight and you don’t assume a skewed posture (as you would if you carried your baby on your hip without a baby carrier).

hands free thanks to manduca baby carrier

Whenever, wherever – a baby carrier gets you anywhere you want to go

Shopping downtown, a visit to the markets or a trip to the next flea market? Maybe you prefer to take the stairs or the escalator instead of the lift? Easy enough with a baby sling or carrier. With a baby carrier, you can easily navigate your way through the crowd and down narrow aisles. And you can go places a pram or stroller can’t – such as on cross-country walking trails. On your summer holiday, you can go for a walk barefoot on the beach, and in winter even deep snow won’t stop you from leaving the house. In short, you can enjoy far greater freedom of movement. And if you are using public transport, it is a lot easier to change train platforms for example (please take a seat when going on the bus or train).

hands free thanks to manduca baby carrier

Baby carrier: a blessing for siblings

When a second child comes into the family, siblings are sometimes really jealous, whining that “the baby is always in your arms!” It is a lot easier for older sisters and brothers if mums and dads have their hands free for them – to give them a little assistance or just loving care. A bigger baby can be placed in a back carrier, so that you can put your arms around your older child and he/she can huddle against you (without the baby between you both). Also, at the playground, you have more freedom of movement to take care of your older child clambering over the apparatus.

Babywearing: natural and healthy

According to anthropologists, human babies are being born too early, because they have to leave their mother’s womb when their head (with a brain which has become bigger with evolution) can still make it through the birth canal. As virtually premature infants, human babies are helpless and rely on their parents’ care and affection. But they are perfectly equipped and capable of being transported by their parents. They automatically bend their legs up when you pick them up. The “clinging young” assume the so called M-Position – which is comfortable and healthy, because babywearing in this spread-squat position can even support the development of the still immature hip.

manduca Duo - M-Position (spread-squat-position)

Physiological, sensomotoric and emotional – all babywearing benefits at a glance:

  • • The maturation of the musculoskeletal system is supported, blood circulation is stimulated
    and the whole muscle tone is enhanced.
  • • Digestion and metabolism are enhanced.
  • • Ergonomically correct babywearing may support hip maturation.
  • • Babies won’t develop a flattened head (from lying on their back a long time).
  • • Your baby’s sense of equilibrium is supported.
  • • Babywearing is great for brain development. While being carried, the baby is constantly part of his/her parent’s everyday life, experiences more and thus has more sensory impressions without always being the focus of attention. Also, he/she can withdraw and have a rest at any time (when carried looking towards the parent).
  • • Good for breastfeeding mothers. Babywearing supports the production of hormones that promote lactation (serotonin, oxytocin, and prolactin).
  • • Even more intimate, physical contact – plus more communication between parent and child.
  • Basic trust is strengthened.
  • Secure bonding is the best basis for the development of self-confidence.
  • • Even better socialization. The baby is always at eye height (and in safety) and can so better experience how people communicate. Emotional well-being is supported.
    Babies who are worn, cry less.
  • • Babies who are worn have less stress (and the happy hormones (endorphins) support brain development).
  • • Babywearing is gentle early education:
  • • Close to your child, you feel how your baby feels and if the baby needs something, you will notice it much earlier. Your baby doesn’t have to start crying to get your attention.

Are there any other benefits that I have not mentioned? For sure! If your favourite benefit is missing, please post it on manduca facebook under the hashtag #thisiswhywebabywear

hands free thanks to manduca baby carrier