One of the most frequently asked questions in my career as a babywearing consultant at manduca is the question about the manduca material, respectively, about the differences between the various collections and models.

The answer to the question about the differences is simple enough: there is no functional difference between the collections. All manduca baby carriers of the four collections are identical in function and handling: they have the same hip belt, the same shoulder belt, the same back panel. Each manduca baby carrier comes with an integrated infant seat, a headrest, and of course with the patented back extension. The only difference is in the material and in the design.
manduca First material organic

Four collections made of two materials

Our original and initial manduca (the one we introduced to the market in 2007) which is the most popular collection, is made of 55 % hemp and 45 % organic cotton. Even from far away, this manduca is easy to spot because of the typical manduca bow in contrasting colour.
The manduca BlackLine is the one with the cool, fashionable look:  this edition is deep black with vibrant colour lines in red, blue, and green (and once we even had a lilac one). Made of 100 % certified organic cotton.

organic cotton - manduca BlackLine

The LimitedEdition, too, is made of 100 % organic cotton. Just as the name says, only a limited number is produced of each design. But did you know that these designs are exclusively designed and produced for manduca?

manduca LimitedEdition material, organic cotton

Since 2008, several times a year, we have been presenting new designs for all parents who want more than a single-coloured manduca and who’d like to have something special. The designs vary: some are really colourful like the Circadelic and some designs come with a stylish embroidery like the MellowFellow. Only limited quantities are produced for each design (450 – 5,555 pieces worldwide). You find an overview of all LimitedEditions on facebook. All collections as of 2011 are shown on Of course, we have already plans and ideas for the next LimitedEdition which is sure to come. Wait and see :-)

manduca material PureCotton organic cotton

The latest addition to our organic baby carrier product line is the manduca PureCotton. The PureCotton is not only of pure organic cotton but also has a puristic design. For fashion-conscious parents who prefer a clear line.
All collections made of 100 % organic cotton are being produced in the Czech Republic. Made in the EU. By the way: all manduca baby carriers have been strictly controlled for harmful substances. The manduca dyes, too. So, if your baby chews on the manduca shoulder strap, don’t worry!

Organic cotton: used for all manduca collections!

No matter which manduca you chose: the cotton used for all manduca baby carriers is always certified organic cotton. We don’t make any compromises, because organic cotton is the healthier cotton for you and your children.

What makes hemp a good choice as baby carrier material

What is the better choice? Hemp and organic cotton or only cotton? And what is hemp good for? Hemp has a very good environmental balance, because the hemp plant is fungus-resistant and resistant against most insects (that means no need for pesticides). What’s more, is that hemp is a natural resource available in (almost) infinite quantities, plus it’s a fast growing plant and produces high yields. All in all, a very sustainable material.

Hemp has many positive features:

  • •    keeps warm in winter and cools in summer
  • •    very soft (when used)
  • •    very robust
  • •    resistant against moths
  • •    almost  impermeable for UV light
  • •    dust and dirt repellent
  • •    quickly absorbs perspiration

And there is another hemp benefit: hemp is considered to be hardly flammable. Although this was not the most important feature when we decided for hemp, it shows what a great material hemp is. It is the perfect addition to organic cotton, which is a versatile and skin-friendly material.

manduca material: hemp and organic cotton

And what about the buckles, straps and all the other baby carrier material?

All manduca materials have been strictly controlled for harmful substances – this applies also for the smaller parts of the manduca: all manduca buckles are by Duraflex (bluesign Partner), the zippers are nickel-free by YKK (also bluesign Partner), and for the padded leg openings top qualify foams are used. All manduca materials are therefore skin-friendly, breathable and robust.

Whether with or without hemp, by choosing manduca you always choose a high quality baby carrier offering maximum babywearing comfort, safety, and ergonomics. After all, your choice is just a matter of taste :-).  If you have further questions, please contact me at