The manduca baby carrier comes with an integrated infant seat – or newborn insert, as it is sometimes referred to. Your advantage: With the infant seat you can carry your newborn from day one. You just have to know how to use it correctly. This is where I (Dunja) as a babywearing consultant come in!

manduca infant seat

manduca infant seat – many questions around the newborn insert

You hear different things about the newborn insert – some say you don’t need it or even should not use it. But what is right? We from manduca recommend the infant seat and have integrated it as a special feature in the manduca instructions.

Go and ask the experts!

As a babywearing consultant with longterm experience (really longterm, in fact), I have been in constant contact with many babywearing schools, keep myself up-dated with the latest developments, and additionally I attend and support many babywearing events and conferences to represent manduca. Like this, I have always a finger on the pulse of the (babywearing) time.
I often take the opportunity to talk with experts on these occasions, and ask them for their opinion on the infant seat. First of all, there is no such thing as a proper babywearing science. But there are orthopaedists and physiotherapists, who can give a professional opinion on childrens’ leg posture. In short: the infant seat is a useful feature, as long as it is being used correctly.

manduca infant seat

Important to note: the legs grow out of the carrier

Quite often I notice (even with some babywearing consultant colleagues) that the feet of the babies stay inside the carrier far too long, when the infant seat is being used. Like this, the feet may indeed stand on the fabric at some point, and in this case pressure on the joints can be exerted. However, already in the manduca instructions we say that only the feet of the very young babies are inside the carrier and then start to grow out of the carrier. By “very young” babies we mean the “very young” – that is newborns from 3.5 kg who already can be carried in the manduca.

As the child grows, the legs get longer and you will see more of the feet and legs sticking out of the carrier: first the toes, then the whole foot, then part of the calf, half the calf … until the whole lower leg sticks out and the seat of the manduca spans from one hollow of your child’s knee to the other. Then your baby doesn’t need the infant seat anymore and you can put it away in place with the help of the elastic straps at the bottom of the infant seat (where it can wait for the sibling). :-)

The Size-It: an alternative to the infant seat

Alternatively, you may use the Size-It instead of the infant seat. Doing so, the lower legs of your baby stick out of the carrier right from the start. However, in my opinion the very small babies (newborns) are better positioned in the infant seat. This is why I don’t agree with some of my fellow babywearing consultants who recommend to only use the Size-It for newborns. As it is often the case, you have to look at each specific case. ;-)

If you have any questions, please contact me at Babywearing photos (sideways and frontal) make it easier to understand the problem and find the solution.  :-)