The manduca headrest is no big thing, you think? This is true in a sense – as it is only as big as a napkin and so small that it can be easily stowed away. But when you need it, the headrest is there for you and your child: as wind protection or when your baby falls asleep in the manduca. And as we know, this happens faster than you think. :-)

integrated headrest

Quickly unfolded and invisible when stowed away

At the first glance, the manduca headrest is invisible, although it is exactly where it belongs: firmly stitched to the upper rim of the manduca back panel, folded together in a pocket that is closed with hook and loop fasteners. If you carry your child in the back position, it is best to take the headrest out before putting the carrier on. If you carry your baby in the front position, you can take the headrest out while your child is in the carrier.


“Off the hook?”: fixed to the hooks at the shoulder strap

In order to support the head of your sleeping baby, the headrest must be fixed to the small hooks at the shoulder straps. You can do this with the help of two elastic loops that are at the upper rim of the headrest. If you carry on your back, you can easily reach the elastic loop behind the back, pull it forward over your shoulder and attach the loop to the small hook on the shoulder strap. Note: these hooks at the shoulder straps are slidable, so that you can adjust the headrest to fit your child’s head. If you carry in the front, it is best to attach only one side.

integrated manduca headrest

manduca headrest: small but nice

The manduca headrest is small, yet it is super practical. And it is big enough to support the head of your sleeping baby. Thanks to the practical elastic all around the rim of the headrest, it has the shape of a hood, and therefore fits almost any baby head. And the headrest has a second function: When you take the manduca out of the packaging, the hood is folded flat. But when you have taken it out once and then roll it up and put it back again into the pocket, this rolled hood forms a perfect neck cushion (neck-rest).

manduca headrest for sleeping babies

manduca headrest: benefits at a glance

  • •    headrest, neck-rest, wind shield
  • •    invisible when stowed away
  • •    clever fastening with hook and elastic loop
  • •    can be attached one side
  • •    adjustable thanks to movable hooks

manduca headrest for your sleeping child